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Zie de laatste update over het Coronavirus hier onder. Als je een toekomstige Organisatiewetenschappen of Global Management of Social Issues student bent kijk dan naar de ‘Nieuwe student’ tab en ontdek op de rest van de website wat POLIS en Tilburg Universiteit jou kunnen bieden.


  • Corona Situatie:

    Dear POLIS members,

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is currently a worldwide issue. We as the board will take the necessary steps to follow the guidelines set by the Dutch government to ensure the safety of our members. The current guidelines have also forced us to re-evaluate the events that are planned in the near future and if we can still meet physically.

    For the upcoming period, POLIS is limited in organizing offline events. We are closely monitoring the situation and are in close contact with Tilburg University to look at the opportunities for events, whether this might be online or offline. For this reason, events might be different compared to the last few years. However, we will try our very best to keep organizing events during these challenging times.

    In case there are changes in our guidelines and policy, we will inform you as soon as possible. We would like to stress that your health is our highest priority when we decide to organize an activity.

    Stay healthy!

    The board of 2020 / 2021


    Please stay home in case of:

    • Coughing or sneezing;
    • Fever;
    • Absence of taste or smell;
    • Shortness of breath;
    • If you think you have been exposed to the virus.


    And keep in mind to:

    • Maintain at least 1,5 meter distance between each other;
    • Follow the advice of the RIVM and the WHO regarding personal hygiene.


    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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