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Let me introduce you to this committee of eight handsome-looking party people who will make your wildest party dreams come true this year. When you need us, you will most likely find the entire committee closing the Boekanier at 4AM after a POLIS activity.

Let’s start with our first PR Saskia Huussen. This is her first year at POLIS, but she is certainly not a freshman. This blondie is a pre-master student and studied in Nijmegen before she moved to Tilburg. Luckily for us Saskia has an apartment near the city center so when we have nowhere to go during commission drinks, she will sacrifice her apartment (sorry neighbors).

The other person who fulfills the PR-function is our favorite redhead Fréderique Smulders. Many of you know Fred as the secretary of the board of last year. This hockey chick left Tilburg University for Utrecht University this year, but she wasn’t ready to leave POLIS just yet. Fortunately, Fred is realistic and thanks to her we don’t have dungarees as committee clothes!

Then we have our secretary Sven Janssens. For those who wonder how Sven got this function: he didn’t show up on our first meeting, so that meant three crosses and the secretary function. Sven’s bike has been broken for a while now, so when you see a tall guy with a big nose strolling down the streets of Tilburg, it’s probably our Sven.

Next up is Mahat Arab, our treasurer. Mahat is full of energy and ideas, a meeting is never boring with him around. Next to the library, you can find Mahat on stages now and then where he performs his poems for Mensen Zeggen Dingen. Yeah, this guy is going places. If you’re bored, just talk to Mahat and you’ll end up hearing dozens of funny stories he experienced. 

Youri Slabber and Jasper de Haan are our Chief of Drinks. Now you probably wonder why I mention them together, but have you ever seen Youri without Jasper or Jasper without Youri? Exactly. When you need to step up your dance moves, feel free to hit them up cuz they got some. Use promocode “AxtC1819” to get a trial lesson for free. #ad

This committee wouldn’t be complete without our coordinator Martijn Moree. He is the one that will keep us on track. His task in this committee is easy: he either stops our crazy ideas or pushes our crazy ideas through the board. We count on the last one, Martijn.

And finally, there is me. My name is Mandy Dao and I am the chairman of this year’s AxtC. Many of you have wished me good luck with the members of this committee, but Mahat already taught me some good punish tricks so don’t worry, I’ll be fine! I look forward throwing three great parties with the entire committee this year. See you there!

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