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Hi, we are the Activity Committee aka. AxtC! Let me introduce all the party people of this amazing committee of POLIS!

Let’s start with our Head PR Sven Jansses. His function could not suit him more. Next to the fact that you usually encounter Sven with beer in his hand, he was already in the AxtC last year and he enjoyed it so much that he decided to go for another year, and that was a very good decision. Thanks to his experience he knows all the good pubs in Tilburg and knows which ones will boost our legendary parties.

Then we have our treasurer Nina Flapper. She is a true sunshine with a big smile on her face and with some serious dance moves. So, if you need to step up your dancing skills to another level, Nina is your girl. That is also why she fits so well in AxtC. She makes sure to get the party groovin’!

Our secretary is Noa Kooiman. A little story to how she earned her function: We thought we would keep a little tradition within AxtC, if someone is late at the first meeting, that person becomes the secretary! When planning our events, she gives really good suggestions and tips, which makes our work very effective.

Floor Wijers is our back-up secretary. She is our creative brain in the committee. She always comes up with fun and great ideas for our parties. Her creativity has no limit. Also, she lights up the committee with her positive energy, happiness and smile.

Liza Driessen is our enthusiastic Chef Borrel! She makes sure that next to our original parties, we party even more. She motivates us with her positive energy (which is a lot) to drink more beer. She really is someone you will not get bored with, since she brings a lot of joy, fun and positive vibes into the committee.

Martijn Moree is our Vice Chef Borrel! Just like Sven, he was also a member of the AxtC last year and loved is so much, that he could not get enough of this committee either. He is a very simple man, who either stops our crazy ideas or pushes them, but mostly pushes them of course.

Our next member is the lovely Jin Hoekstra. She makes sure that we have the right booze for our parties and more importantly that we have enough of it. One of her very first questions, after joining the committee was “Wine or Vodka?”, which then also stuck with her as her nickname.

Then we have our coordinator Martijn van der Helm. Yes, we have two Martijns in the committee and sometimes it gets confusing. Nevertheless, he is always a great support in the meetings and he is the one that will keep us on track.

And then there is me, Melinda Balkay. I have the honor to be the Chairman of this year’s AxtC. With these amazing team around me, it is not hard to fulfill my task. I am happy that I get to plan the legendary POLIS parties this year, so bottoms up!

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