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Let me introduce you to Battle Committee, a committee full of creative masterminds, our committee consists of 8 handsome, smart and most of all social members. The goal of our committee is to improve the cohesiveness of other committees by coming up with fun challenges and activities. Reach the top in the “BaCo ranking” and show other committees how fun well coordinated you own committee is!

Our first member is Amy, she is a second year student and a first year POLIS member. She immediately got our attention by showing a lot of initiative at the crazy 88 during the active member. Although we could not earn any points ourselves, she still volunteered to do some crazy challenges, for example climbing into a tree next to the church while it was pouring

Our second member is Emma, she is a third year student and third year POLIS member. This girl knows how to party, if you see a girl that is dancing a whole lot at a cantus it is probably Emma! Unfortunately, she is going abroad the second part of the academic year so we will be missing her. Luckily this makes room for our next member who will be returning from her travels and will be taking over from Emma.

This returning member is called Ella, she is a 4th year student and a fourth year POLIS member (a fossil as she calls herself). The first half of the year her main input was making us jealous with sunny pictures, cocktails and awesome locations. We hope this trip abroad has fed her creativity and enables her to come up with a lot of awesome challenges and activities.

Our fifth member is “adtje” Sjoerd he is a first year master student. If you want Sjoerd to do an adtje just gather a group of people and start singing “adtje” Sjoerd and there is a big chance he will chug a glass of beer for no reason. His willingness to do crazy things (and being a bit clumsy) is why we all love him.

Our sixth member is our Finnish International member Säde, she is a second year GMSI student and a second year POLIS member. She is a girl who tries to get the most out of life by travelling and partying. I myself experienced it when I had the pleasure to meet her in Prague. Watch out if you are near Säde and a bottle of Absinthe, she will feed it to you and it will be your demise!

Our sixth member is Mieke, she is a third year OS student and a third year POLIS member. Mieke is the definition of a creative mastermind, she always has a lot of input during meeting and thus a very valuable asset for our Battle Committee. So if you ever lack creativity there is a big chance Mieke can help you.

Then, we have Emily. She is our Board Coordinator this year and will make sure everything runs smoothly. Besides that, she has many creative ideas (already at the Active Member Dinner she suggested an Advent Calendar), that have helped us create some unforgettable BaCo challenges

And last but not least, I am Ramon the chairman of this wonderful committee. I want to make sure this year is filled with great and fun activities and keep the other committees busy with fun challenges that will hopefully improve the relationships between members in the committee!

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