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Hi everyone! I have the honour of introducing this year’s CareerCom to you. Together, we will show you what working in the Organization Studies field is really about!

First of all, our freshwoman this year; Puk. She is a very enthusiastic lady who will bring many inspiring ideas to the table, as she already showed us at the Active Member Dinner (did anyone say kiwi?). As one half of our PR-duo, her friendly smile will convince every company to participate in our activities. 

Next, we have another PR-lady and one of our oldest members: Milou. I don’t think I will surprise you when I say that she probably has one of the most beautiful names of our committee. If you ever feel like trying a new kind of adtje, you should try ‘adtje koala’ with Milou. I would rate it 10/10. 

Then we have Sam. Sam has already proven to be a crucial member of the committee, by introducing us to the organization for our first Careercom event. Sam is a second year OS student, but unfortunately he did not join POLIS in his first year. That’s why he is now here to right his wrongs and catch up with everything he missed last year as our Chief of Drinks!

Another one of our oldest and wisest members is Charlie. Charlie is our Treasurer this year, she will make sure we spend our money wisely. Next to that, she also helps our finances by being in the lead with the crosses. With her eye for detail and her experience in a formal committee (she was in the Congress committee last year), she can’t be missed in this year’s CareerCom.

Niels is our Secretary and he is already fully enjoying fooling everyone with the hidden word. And to be honest, he definitely has a talent for it. Also, if for any reason you ever feel like doing a tequila suicide, Niels will gladly join. 

Our Coordinator this year is Emma. Emma is a gem! Even though she obviously has a very busy schedule as a board member, I know that I can always annoy her with my questions (and oh, I will). She will be of great value in making our events a success! 

And lastly we have me, Milou, the proud chairwoman of this lovely committee. If you are ever looking for me during one of our events, you probably won’t be able to see me behind all of the giants that are in this committee. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to organizing two brilliant career-related activities with all of these great people!

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