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This years’ Charity Committee is fully comprised of Dutch freshmen. We have five very enthusiastic new POLIS members who are ready to raise money for a good cause, and one great coordinator who makes sure everything runs smoothly.

First up, we have our PR: Demi. Not only is Demi a very creative and happy person, she’s also great at bringing our message across to companies and people who are considering to help the ChariCie raise money. No one else would be better for the PR position. All in all an essential part of the team!

Second, there’s our secretary: Henriette. The most organized person of our committee, and also the sweetest! She can be found in the gym with Louise, trying to figure out how to work all the machines, when she’s not taking very precise notes of our ChariCie meetings and arranging stuff for our events.

Next is Juul, our Chief of Drinks/ Chief BaCo. The cutest and most creative member of our committee! Juul always comes up with new ideas to benefit the ChariCie and is even more fun when she’s had a few too many drinks in the city. An amazing addition to our committee!

Our fifth member is the ever surprising Jules, who has been named treasurer. Not only does he have energy for days, he knows how to spread it! During our first event of the year Jules, as our auction master, got everyone to spend some money for the animal shelter in Tilburg with his smooth talks. We couldn’t have done it without him! 

Then our ever enthusiastic coordinator: Django. Because this years’ ChariCie consists of freshmen only, we are sometimes a bit lost without some guidance from our coordinator. Django knows all the best ways to go about organizing an event, and is a very important part of our committee which we are very happy with!

Lastly, as chairman we have Louise. Although she has little experience being part of a committee, let alone being a chairman, she loves all her committee members and is very happy with their collaboration so far for charity. We have a great year and many fun nights ahead of us!


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