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Welcome to the Charity committee. This committee exist of a total of 7 members, one man, at least four freshman’s, two internationals and almost all single members at the moment.

Our first freshman is our Floor from Holland. She thinks that this year as a secretarian will be a good way to bring some structure back into her life. Because everywhere she goes, she leaves stuff behind and besides that she would describe herself as very clumsy.

Our second freshman is Cecilia. She is studying GMSI and this year’s treasurer, even though she is the worst at handling money. Her special talent is falling asleep anywhere, whether it is appropriate or not. This gets in the way of her being mentally present for most lectures and sadly sometimes even parties, though there not being mentally present is probably due to something else…

Our third freshman is Isis. You will recognize our PR by her beautiful curly hair. But not only that, if she is going out, she probably will be dancing and drinking beer & wine at the same time, because she has a hard time making decisions. Good to know: if you are ever going to meet up with her, make sure that you will arrive half an hour later than scheduled, so she will casually arrive five minutes earlier than you do.

And our last freshman is Ana, the Mexican in our committee. Sharing the PR position with Isis and this already resulted in arranging dogs for the upcoming auction, how nice is that!? Ana can cook some delicious food from her home and knows exactly the best way to cure a hangover with some greasy Mexican breakfast. She can be found usually on the dance floor or hunting the centre for some late-night snack.

The next astonishing member is Michel, one of our treasures. The reason we recruited him is because of his infamous money laundry practices. He helps up fund our charities even more. Apart from escaping prosecution, Michel will sadly leave us to go to America for the other half of the year and taste all the American craft-beers there are.

This year’s board member and our coordinator is Aniek. She tries to make everybody drink some beers and gets very excited when somebody buys her sambuca shots. Next to that she really knows how to be the right hand of the chairman during the meetings!

As last we have our chairman Amanda. After being part of the Sportcom last year, she felt like doing a bit more of a formal committee and wanted to be part of the Charity committee. She is very happy with the lovely committee members this committee exist of. And she knows for sure that it is going to be a wonderful year, with not only a good heart but also with some good beers.

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