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Hello everyone, let us introduce one of POLIS newest committees, the ChillCie! We will have three fun activities for little money and with the amazing goal to meet new people. Who are the members of this amazing committee?

First up we have Feline, our secretary. You can trust this lovely girl to come up with the most creative and fun ideas during meetings and in the Boekanier. Feline used to be a representative for Ice Tea. She has been drinking Ice Tea for the past 1.5 years and still has a life supply left at her house ready for many fun committee drinks.

Next up we have one of our boys, Lars. Lars will be in charge of all the drinks this year and would love for all of you to text him. When you have a committee drink with the ChillCie Lars always has great stories, for instance the fact that he once played in the amazing tv show ‘’De club van Sinterklaas’’.

Camiel is a special one, he is active at Vidar as well as POLIS. This is the reason that Camiel has a very full schedule. However you can always count on a good time when hanging out with Camiel. One time he tried the ‘’one more time’’ challenge and ended up puking and swimming in the canal. No worries he showered in the sink at McDonalds at 3 o’clock afterwards.

Next up we have our lovely coordinator, Anouk. Anouk is the one who will keep us in check. However don’t let her fool you she is a lot of fun to be around and one of the sweetest people in POLIS. Anouk fits into the ChillCie perfectly while she can easily sleep for 10 hours and still wake up tired.

Next up we have our PR team, Sybe and Quinten. Both of these boys are in their first year but don’t be surprised when you see them partying until 4 in the morning.

Sybe is a very chill guy, he falls asleep while studying a little more then he should. However don’t get it twisted Sybe is a hard working guy and the creator of the one and only ChillCie logo.

Our second first year is Quinten. He used to call himself ‘’The Quint’’ when he was younger. Why u ask? Well no one knows. He thinks it might be because he has a little bit of an ego but we doubt that.

Our next wonderful member of the ChillCie is our treasurer, Tessa. Tessa is the most lovely eggie you will ever meet. She loves cheese very much and enjoys a drink. When you want to chill and get ready at someone’s place before a party, Tessa is an amazing choice.

And last but not least there is me, Emma. I am the chairman of this lovely committee. Just like Camiel I showered in a sink, after being puked on during a cantus by someone else. I also am known among friends for being really clumsy. I can trip over absolutely every doorstep you can find. I however will try my best to keep this amazing committee with wonderful members standing at all times.

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