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We proudly present to you: the courageous pioneers that will be organizing the first EVER POLIS Congress!!! The following delightful mix of amazing people will be organizing, in every detail, the most interesting event you’ve ever attended!!

To kick things off, probably the most cheerful of the bunch: Eva! Bringing laughs and smiles to every meeting with her enthusiasm and good spirit, and bringing unhealthy intoxication to every POLIS-party with her love of tequila shots. This year, she will be making sure all our finances are in order, as she is taking up the role of treasurer.

Then, our second source of smiles; Charlie, who has made the ambitious decision to take up two roles this year, both treasurer and chef drinks! Charlie’s great enthusiasm puts fun in every POLIS-party and Charlie’s great creativity brings new insights to all of our committee meetings. If only Charlie would like to listen to Kris’ puns as much as she loves to listen to music.

There we have him, Kristian; our Bulgarian jokester. It is guaranteed that no POLIS-member has read minutes this stuffed with puns before, Kris’ hidden talent. And never have you met anyone this fanatic in the gaining of knowledge through recreationally (yes, for fun) reading scientific literature. If you thought you could hide something from Kristian, you are wrong, as our congressman has studied hours and hours worth of scientific analyses on body language. Like Charlie, our Kris decided to take up two functions this year and will be our secretary and chef BaCo!

Koen, the only first-year in our committee has decided to take up the always ambitious function, but mind you, way more ambitious function when organizing a congress, of PR! He might be new to POLIS but he is not new to partying as every meeting seems to be followed up by Koen getting on his lederhosen and slamming beers at some Oktoberfest.

Koen is not alone in his function as PR, he shares the task with our sweet Richel! Treasurer last year, PR this year, Richel is not new to getting shit done in her committee. No governmentally issued restraining order from physical contact within a 5 meter radius can stop Richel from doing what needs to be done. Enthusiastic and full of ideas, Richel is just like us incredibly motivated to provide the TSB with a forever memorable congress!

We are blessed by the experience of an ex-board veteran; Martine! With her PR-function in the board of ‘17-’18 Martine has gained a great amount of connections which are extremely useful to any committee organizing congresses (which just so happens to be us). As we all know her, the forever sweet and happy Martine will brighten up any meeting while delivering great ideas. Unfortunately Martine will be going on an exchange for half this POLIS-year, but she is already making great effort to get our congress committee as far as possible!

All of our efforts are overseen by our friendly old coordinator, Dominic! Our Do knows how to get a party started and how to get the meeting input going. No matter what hangover might be thrown at him, you can count on Do to be fresh and ready for a meeting in the morning.

Last but not least, Martijn, our chairman! One thing to say about Martijn is that he can’t say no to a party, whether it is with Vidar or with POLIS. He loves to have fun and to drink a little or a little too much according to the Boeka. So we are looking forward to have Martijn as our chairman this year for sure. Then I can speak for myself as chairman of the most amazing, ambitious and interesting committee of POLIS, when I say that I am really, really looking forward to a mind-blowingly interesting congress and the heaps of experience we will all gain as a committee when organizing this. I’ll see you all!! - when it’s time to learn.


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