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With great pride I present to you the brand new committee that POLIS has gained this year: the Culture Committee! Let’s give an introduction to these beautiful members.

Let’s start with the lovely Meike, she’s the treasurer of our committee and will be in charge of the money this year. This girl was born and raised in Brabant, so she was made for the student life in Tilburg. She’s incredibly motivated and takes her tasks seriously. With Meike in your committee you don’t need to worry about anything because she’s there to help you.

Second we have Job, he’s the secretary of our committee and the best in making the minutes (I still wonder where he got this talent). Job is a good listener and has an eye for details, he notices literally everything. With everything I also mean the stories after a night out. Don’t say stupid things, because he will write it down and afterwards you can laugh or cry about it, it’s up to you.

Want to have some fun? Then you should talk to Sebastiaan. If you think of Sebas you automatically think of Job and vice versa. They are always together and sometimes act like a married couple, arguing over something irrelevant. People warned me about this duo, but so far I have been able to handle these two haha. Sebas is known for making jokes, which makes him a fun member, but now and then it can be a little too much when he keeps on telling us fun facts. He will be one of our PR’s!

Next in line is the first of our two freshmen: Viviana or Viv as I like to call her. She’s the other part of the PR-duo. This flawless girl always steals the show with her looks and sparkling personality. She’s from Germany, which you can tell by all the Haribo she once brought to the meeting: Haribo macht Kinder froh. I love candy so it’s not a problem at all! Last year she lived in the desert of Australia (how cool!) and taught children performance arts. 

Our other freshmen, the sweet Tiina, will be our Chief BaCo! She grew up in Finland, which was ranked as the happiest country in the world, which I can notice. Tiina has a permanent cute laugh on her face which you can’t resist. She’s adventurous and sure has seen a lot of cities and places. Don’t be fooled by her quietness, because when it comes to doing shots she is present and more than ready. 

Wine and Boris is a match made in heaven (wijnen, wijnen, wijnen!) that’s why Chief Drinks is the most perfect role for him. If you are looking for Boris just go to the Boekanier, where he will be showing his dance moves to all the ladies. In his childhood he lived a couple of years in Chile due to his dad’s work, but sadly forgot a lot of Spanish words. Well, I can say he’s the casanova of our committee and sure knows how to throw a houseparty!

Of course, this committee could not exist without our wonderful coordinator: Marijana. She is literally an angel and someone I look up to. Her excitement and enthusiasm for this new committee are of a great value and knowing that makes me smile every time. Marijana always has the funniest stories that she sometimes remembers out of the blue, which I think is super cute and funny.

And lastly, I will introduce myself. I’m Charlotte, the proud chairman of this amazing committee. I am in charge of these beautiful people, which is a great honour and definitely something I will cherish for the rest of my life. So far I could write a book about all the crazy memories we already have, maybe one day I will ;)


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