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Hello stranger, welcome to the page of the best committee of POLIS, the Event Committee! Let me introduce you to my lovely committee members!

Starting with Janneke! Janneke is a first year POLIS member and she is my lovely chief of drinks this year! If you are looking for a laugh and a great talk hit Janneke up at a party, she’s probably outside, though.

Secondly, we have Sam! She is also a first year POLIS member and my treasurer this year! She is in charge of keeping an eye on the EC moneyz and also her boyfriend has a tractor.

Next up, we have Nienke! She is the true first year in the committee! Not only is she a first year POLIS member but also a first year GMSI student. Nienke may seem shy but when she’s at a party, she isn’t so shy anymore. 

Next there is Manouk, who is my lovely secretary this year and is a POLIS veteran! Manouk is very fun to talk to, but can also be a little intimidating, as she isn’t shy to tell you how she thinks of things straight to your face.

Same counts for the next member of my committee, Saskia! She also isn’t shy about sharing her opinion and is one of my lovely external affairs officers! Saskia has a cool doggo.

And then we have the 6th member of our committee, Richel! Richel is my second external affairs officer! One of her great trades is that she’s very enthusiastic about everything, especially bingo.

For the 7th member of my committee I go to my coordinator, Marloes! Me and Marloes have already been together in 3 committees! So, Marloes, if you read this, we going for the 4th one next year?

For the last two members of my committee I’d like to take a moment of silence as they are leaving us in 2020. We are very sad about this but have enjoyed our time with them this year and we all have been very glad to have organised an amazing wine tasting with them! 

So let me introduce you to Janne and Dominic! They are my extras this year. Janne is a fun and nice girl who has been very helpful this year! And Dominic just wants to go on a ski trip, so hit him up if you are also up for it! 

Lastly, let me introduce myself, I’m Tom! I am proud to be the chairman this year of this amazing committee and I am happy to be in charge of organising 2 of the most fun events this year! See you at the Stadhuisstraatcantus!


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