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Hi, we are the EventCommittee! Let me introduce all the amazing members of the most fun committee of Polis!

Maartje is in her first year and she is our PR this year. This girl has quite a weird habit, she often leaves the zipper of her jeans open. Sometimes by accident but even on purpose when she ate or drank a lot! If you ever notice, please tell her. Also, if you ever hear her say ‘sletje’ she probably doesn’t mean to be rude but that’s how she calls a kitchen towel.

Elise is also a freshman and our chef Borrel AND chef BaCo. She cycles 45 minutes from her hometown Berkel to Tilburg every day! Elise is a real animal lover, when she has had a few drinks it takes her two times as long to get home. Not because she falls, but because she stops to pet every cat she runs into.

Ramon is our last freshman, he took up the task of being treasurer this year. You’ve seen his amazing beard? It’s been there since he was only fourteen years old! This guy really is a teamplayer, he volunteered to do a jezus for the praeses while not even being the praeses. We owe him for that.

Britt is in her second year, she’s our secretary. She is very neat and her minutes are always on point. We can trust this girl with everything. Except for our animals, when she was younger she accidentally sat on her rabbit. We have no clue how this story ended.

Next we have our two true veterans, Geert and Ruvon. No one knows exactly for how long they’ve been studying.

Geert is our second chef Borrel this year and because of all his experience we also assigned him the role of general supporter. If you ask him about the highlights of his boardyear, he’ll probably tell you about how he made the fixweb 3D. A simple pencil added a whole new dimension and it had never been done before.

Next we have Ruvon. If you’re in a group chat with him you’ve probably noticed his face as a group symbol, for some reason it happens in all the group chats he’s part of. Also, the charming face on the fridge in the PK is his. He is our second PR and because he had a lot of wild ideas about our committee clothes we assigned him another task, Chef Shirt.

Aniek is our lovely coordinator. You can make her happy by buying her a few (or many) shots of sambuca. When she has already had a lot of drinks she often empties her stomach by a so called ‘volume kotsje’ and then continues drinking.

Then there’s me, Annelies, the chairman of this beautiful committee. I do not have a lot of talents but sleeping is definitely one of them. Not just in a bed, I can sleep while standing up in the Boekanier. Once I even took off my shoe in the middle of a club because I had dreamed that I was home.

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