Battle committee | BaCo

It is an honor to present to you the 2018/2019 BaCo members who are ready to pump up the greatest battle between committees ever.

Let’s start with introducing the new active Polis members.
First of all, we have Jort. He is a second year OS student and just joined Polis. As our treasures he will take care of our massive budget. Not only is he good with the money, he is also very sharp on the details when it comes to any games. So be aware! He will definitely not make the battle easy for you!

Then our second first year active member is the lovely Esmé. Her task is being the punishment master. She takes care of all the crosses, but funny enough she is the one with the most crosses so far! That is mainly due to her busy busy schedule though, because next to being a baco member, she is also very active at her sorority in Plato. So, even though most of the times her datumprikker looks like a red blob, the times that Esmé is there, she has the most creative and fun ideas.

Next is our experienced Polis member Jules. This being his 4th year in Polis (and because of his age) we sometimes joke around when he makes those “back in my days” statements. Nevertheless, due to his experience, not only with Polis but also at Olof, he does know a lot about fun activities which is a great thing for a baco member! He will be writing the minutes this year as our secretary.

Let’s move on to our international members. Firstly, Marija. Marija is in charge of the public relations within the Baco this year. She is a truly valuable member to this committee, since she is literally overflowing with ideas for our events. Since she says she can literally watch reality shows 24/7, I am pretty sure she will nail the public relations!

Then we have Martin also a quite experienced active member. After being a chairman himself last year, he wanted to take things a little easier, because of his intense masters in Rotterdam. Thus, he became our chief drinks! With one drink done and one on our schedule, I am certain he will be the best chef borrel there has ever been. Fun fact! He actually faceplanted once on German national TV.

Of course, this committee wouldn’t be complete without our wonderful coordinator Noa. Even though I basically stalk her every day with questions, she has always responded calmly and nice. With that being said, I think you can imagine how great of a coordinator she is!

And lastly there is me, Dionne. I am in charge of this diverse group of people calling themselves the BaCo. With such a great committee, I know my task won’t be tough this year. I am looking forward to organizing some unique events that will push you and your committee to the limits.  Get your game face on!


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