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CareerCom 2018-2019

The chief of battle of this committee. Tony definitely is a fanatic player during the BACO activities but even when he loses he’s always smiling (often because of his own jokes). Besides that, Tony is an amazing cook.

Bas: Bas is our secretary. This party animal knows how to keep the balance between the formal and informal activities of our committee. During a party he prefers dancing on a chair while drinking Vodka. Bas is also a dancer on Armenian weddings.

Janneke: Janneke is our chief of drinks. She’s definitely our silent power, she knows how to get things done. Janneke promised us as a chief of drinks she will down every beer that we’re giving her this year.

Sebastiaan: Sebastiaan is our treasurer this year. Sebastiaan is a busy man; he’s a fanatic hockey player & trainer and he likes to travel a lot. When he shows up he always has a big smile on his face, even when he’s late.

Noa: Noa is the coordinator of the committee. As a member of the board she’s the one that keeps us in check. She has just recently become a vegetarian. But when Noa has had a few drinks, she’s able to commit a crime for a kapsalon.

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