POLIS, widely known as the study association for and on behalf of students Organization Studies and GMSI at Tilburg University for already more than 25 years, is now accompanied by its (at least as great) little sister! POLITIS, the Greek expression for citizen (in Dutch burger), is the association for graduated – or ‘actually, I should be graduated already’-Organization Studies and GMSI students who would like to stay connected with each other.

The association is established by former members of study association POLIS who value to stay connected with former students and Tilburg University. Each year POLITIS both formal and informal activities which give you the opportunity to stay connected with former colleague students and Tilburg University as well. The informal activities will make sure that you stay connected with the network of alumni while the formal activities will provide insights in the current state of affairs in the working field of Organization Studies and GMSI.

Would you like to become a member of POLITIS? Good! There are no limitations in becoming a member. Whether you are still a student or already have been working for a while, if you feel like a 'former' bachelor and/or master student Organization Studies or GMSI or 'former' POLIS member you are cordially invited to join!

Being a members costs €10 per year. You can register as POLITIS member on this page.

The board of POLITIS consists of former board members of POLIS.

  • Merel Cornax (chairman)
  • Stijn van Heck (treasurer)
  • Jasper Kee (secretary)

Do you have a nice idea for an activity? Or do you want more information about POLITIS, sent an email to bestuur@politis.nl.


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