Tilburg student city

‘Tilburg, the city which is beautiful because it is ugly’

The Heuvelstraat, Piusplein or Stadhuisstraat. The three places in Tilburg where you can find people who go out. POLIS has their ‘stamkroeg’ (the place where you can always find people from POLIS) in the Stadhuisstraat: De Boekanier. On Tuesday and Thursday a beer is €1,30, spinning the wheel, dancing around a pole. What does a student wants more? Shots? Well, there is a shotsbar in Tilburg: Chupitos, they have more than 100 different shots. You can find Bolle and Brandpunt at the Piusplein. Every Tuesday you can throw dices at Bolle. If you throw 2, 4 or 6 you get your order for free! But if you throw 1, 3 or 5 you have to pay. Every evening there is a pub you can go to for a party. Do you need some tips? We will tell you about our legendary nights!


You can sport at the sportcenter of Tilburg University. A membership costs 133 euros per year. Next to go to the gym you can also join grouplessons, go the the swimming pool or go ice skating. You can even go to the physio or the sauna. It is al included in this sport membership! You can also sport at Stappengoor: T-Kwadraat.


Tilburg has a lot of different associations. You can join a study association, sports association or a student association. During the TOP week you will visit all the student associations of Tilburg and get in touch with some sports associations. Ask your mentors what the options are! Next to that you can also join cultural associations, more information is given via this link.

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