What is POLIS?

What is POLIS?

POLIS is the study association for students Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues. We are an international study association, hosting around 600 members. We are here to support you during your time as a student. Support? Yes, we will support you in your study, preparation for the work field and with social aspects. How? By organizing lots of activities, workshops, a symposium, discount on books and summaries. 

Study Association POLIS does not only exist of 600 members and a board of 6 students. Our association would not exist without our 'active members'. These active members take place in one of our many committees. This means that you subscribe for a committee of your choice, which will organize an activity that you like. This can vary from two themed parties and a pubcrawl, to a study trip to Vietnam, or from a memberweekend to a congress. On this page, you will find all relevant information about POLIS in a nutshell. 

Study Support

OSIRIS, not very easy to use, but if you understand how it works it is really clear. If you have any questions about OSIRIS, you can always stop by the POLIS-room to ask your questions. The POLIS-room is located at building P, via the entrance turn to the right and in the hall the last door before the canteen. The openings hours are Monday till Friday from 12.30 till 17.00!

Next to that you can also order your summaries there. There are examples of each summary we have so you can have a look and afterwards you can order them if you want. If you order them before Monday 17.00 you can pick them up at Wednesday. If you order them before Wednesday 17.00 you can pick them up at Friday. You can pay by cash or card.
You can order your books via the website. Go to Study à Books and summaries. There is a link which sends you to the website of the faculty, there you can order your books with discount.

During the year we organise some activities which are focused on personal development. For example a leadership workshop. We also organize a lunch with alumni of Organization Studies and GMSI. These people tell you what the opportunities are when you graduate. This is interesting for everyone, even if you are in your first year!


We also organize parties and relaxing activities. Your student time is the best time of your life, everyone know this sentence. Belief us, it really is! You get to know new people, you don’t have to go to school everyday from 08.30 till 15.00 and you can go out 7 days a week (if you have the energy and money). We also organize these kinds of activities in a lot of different ways. You can thinks of theme parties, POLIS really loves them, a memberweekend, an excursion, a studytrip inside or outside Europe, dinners with the department and so on. You can participate to these activities, but nothing is mandatory!

Are you interested in organizing these things, formal or informal? This year we have sixteen different committees, which you can find here. Maybe you find something you want to organize next year. Are you searching for a challenge? Maybe the Study Trip committee fits your wishes. Are you searching for a more low-key committee? Think of the Activity Committee, Event Committee or Introduction Committee!

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the committees? You can always ask us, but we also organize a committee information evening at the beginning of the year! Old-committee members will tell you about the committee, the workload and what they learned from it!

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