What is a partner?

Over the past years, Study Association POLIS has been a platform for students and organizations to meet. POLIS facilitates this for bachelor and master students of Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues. However, our ambition exceeds just meeting. We want to offer students the opportunity to build intensive relations with companies, that hold the potential to grow into fruitful collaborations in the near future. To achieve this goal, Study Association POLIS offers a range of activities where students and organizations can connect formally and informally. Keywords that describe these events are ‘personal’ and ‘low threshold’. As a partner, these activities allow you to get to know Organization Studies students and to increase your brand awareness. Besides this, the goal of Study Association POLIS is not to make a profit, but to close the gap between students and their future careers.


Study Association POLIS is always open to new collaborations. For more information, contact the Public Relations and External Affairs Officer: Martijn van der Helm.


Contact details Martijn van der Helm:

Email: pr-ea@studyassociationpolis.com

Cell: +316 22591909


Mailing address Study Association POLIS:

Studievereniging POLIS t.a.v. Martijn van der Helm

Postbus 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

POLIS room landline: 013-4663275


Visiting address Studievereniging POLIS:

Warandelaan 2

Room T618


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