Working with an annoying uncle and rebellious niece

When contemplating your next (or first) professional career move, working for the Dutch government, let alone a small municipality, might not be the first idea that comes to mind. Ten years ago, when I was finishing my masters, it wasn’t at the top of my list either. My list simply read ‘traineeship that will accept a graduate from an alpha study’. And I ended up working for the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and later Dongen. And I have a lot of fun doing so. And because fun and municipalities are a somewhat unlikely combination, I’d like to make the case for working for a municipality.

1. You can make a difference. Not a few years from now, but right from the start. Municipalities have (literally) hundreds of processes, services and products to produce with very few people. We design new roads, pay social benefits, supply ID cards and driver's licenses, write policy, promote sustainability,  handle complex family situations and collect garbage. So it's easy to become an expert or owner of some sort. Find your niche and own it!

2. An instant network. There are roughly 350 municipalities in the Netherlands and many more governmental organizations. There is (hardly) any competition, so people are willing to share knowledge and experiences. It is a very friendly environment to learn and start your career.

3. The atmosphere within the organization is that of a big family. Including the annoying uncle and rebellious niece J. It is loads of fun, and a day never goes as planned. You are working in the middle of a big organizational change with all the drama, confusion, excitement and breakthroughs that comes with it.

If you're an extended master student, you have the opportunity to taste the atmosphere in Dongen (cycling distance from Tilburg) and be part of a small but dynamic organization by applying for the traineeship in Dongen (2 spots available). If you're not in the extended master: Please feel free to come and visit us. For more information contact (06 27 39 73 09) of (06 15 35 76 23).

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