Bachelor Global Management of Social Issues

What is Global Management of Social Issues?

Global Management of Social Issues is a relatively new study. In 2015-2016, the first students started this bachelor. Global Management of Social Issues, or GMSI, is a study that combines three different academic disciplines: Organization Studies, Sociology and Human Resource Management. 

GMSI belongs to the social faculty of Tilburg University, the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, like Organization Studies. You learn to approach complex, societal challenges from interdisciplinary en international angles. These so called challenges are also called 'wicked problems' and are the red thread through the whole study. You can think of subjects like climate change, the use of energy, terrorism and poverty.  

During the bachelor of Global Management of Social Issues, you learn to approach these issues, from different perspectives and cultures. Besides this, you learn to carry out projects and compose the right teams.

Study Program

The bachelor GMSI takes 3 years. In the first year you'll get introductory courses, of all three perspectives (sociology, organization studies and human resource management). These courses help you to get a grip on the wicked problems. Besides, you'll get an introduction to the courses that treat research methods, statistic courses. These will help you once you start writing your thesis. In the second year, you'll dive into the courses of the first year. You will also do a research practicum in which you can apply all the knowledge of the first year. In the last, and third year, you will use all the acquired knowledge during a relevant internship at an organization, which might be abroad, but that is not obligated. You can also do a project targeting one of the wicked problems, or follow minor courses. Minor courses are courses of your choice to add to your curriculum, which might also be done abroad.  Courses that characterize GMSI well are:

  • Introduction to Organization Studies
  • Human Resource Studies
  • Sociology
  • Wicked Problems
  • Project Management
  • International Organizations

Future perspective

Since the first GMSI students have not graduated year, it is hard to really say where you might get. However, the perspective of alumni is really broad, since the study is as well. Because you learn how to cope with things from multiple perspectives and areas of expertise, you acquire different competences that prepare you for an (international) career. This unique combination of HRM, OS and Sociology makes it possible to work at different organizations, departments and projects. 

The department of GMSI sees the prospective alumni in consulting, advice and management jobs in the top of an organization. But you can also start as a fundraiser or projectmanager, or help to find a solution for poverty. You bring people together to get the most competent team to solve a complex problem!

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about Global Management of Social Issues, or for example the masters? You can find this information on:


Want to be a student-for-a-day?

Want to experience a day in the life of a GMSI student? Or have you been to the Open Day, but you want to experience the University and the courses on a 'normal' day? That's possible! The university hosts so called 'test study days', but we can also connect you to one of the current GMSI students for a trial day, so you can join a real lecture to get the real student experience. Interested? Send an e-mail to and we'll be in touch! 

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