Minors and Masters

Minors and Masters

With a bachelors' degree in Global Managment of Social Issues, you have a really broad knowledge scope. Most students start a master after they finish their bachelor, but finishing a bachelor in GMSI doesn't necessarily mean you also have to apply for the GMSI master. We have listed some of the possibilities you have when finishing your bachelor and wanting to start a master:


The BSc in Global Management of Social Issues provides direct admission to the following Master’s programs at Tilburg University:

    • MSc in Global Management of Social Issues

      The new Master’s program in Global Management of Social Issues combines human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology to address complex societal challenges from a cross-cultural and international comparative perspective.

    • MSc in Organization Studies

      The Master's program in Organization Studies provides you with a critical understanding of how organizations and people within these organizations behave. It offers an advanced level of study in which you will acquire transferable skills that will facilitate employment in a great variety of organizations.

    • MSc in Human Resource Studies

      The Master's program in Human Resource Studies provides you with a critical understanding of the importance of people for the performance of organizations.

    • MSc in Sociology

      The Master's program in Sociology focuses on the analysis of problems of social cohesion, such as crime, social contacts, and solidarity. Social problems and issues are translated into sociological research questions, which you will analyze with the aid of theories and advanced research methods. You will also learn how policy solutions can be derived from results of sociological analyses, and how to evaluate policy.

    • Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences

      The Research Master's program in Social and Behavioral Sciences is unique in the Netherlands. It offers an interdisciplinary approach by integrating social psychology, sociology, organizational sciences, and methodology, in order to study human social behavior. You will be involved in hands-on research projects and innovative research areas, and you will be offered a chance to take an internship.

    • MSc in Public Governance

      The Master's program in Public Governance prepares you for a leading position in the public sector all around the world. Built on a governance, legal and economic foundation, you will be trained in building innovative strategies to tackle today's protean problems and prepared for facing the challenges of tomorrow.

These are some of the choices you have when completing your bachelor, that you do not have to take extra courses for. Also, all these masters can be followed at Tilburg University, but it is also wise to consider for example Rotterdam or Amsterdam. In some cases, you might have to take some extra courses, or complete a pre-master track, but it might be worth to do so if you find a master that you're really interested in!


Like stated above, you can't just submit to any master you'd like. Often, you have to take extra courses to be submitted. In the third year of your bachelor, you have the opportunity to take three extra courses of choice, also called a 'minor'. In total, you have to (at least) gain 18 ECTS to fulfill the minor, more is of course also possible, but think about your own workload. It is not possible to fill the minor with courses of Global Management of Social Issues, you have to take courses from a different study program. You can think of courses from the Organization Studies program, or HRM, Sociology, Psychology, or maybe even courses from other faculties or in a different city. It is not allowed to follow first-year courses, but you can take second and third-year courses. 

You can also fill you minor by going on an exchange. You can go abroad to take courses in another country. Want to know more about what an exchange is and read stories of POLIS members that have already been on an exchange? You can find these stories under 'Experience Platform'. 

If you want to take one of the masters that you do not necessarily have to take extra courses for, you can just pick courses you're interested in. 

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