Study support

Study Support

The transition from high school to university can be challenging, especially if you are moving to a new country. Fortunately, you don't have to do this alone! There are several possibilities to get help or support at Tilburg University. It can sometimes be unclear where you need to be, or who you  need to contact, so here you can find an overview of all possibilities to get help. If you have any other questions, you can sent an email to: or come by the POLIS-room (T620). Also, you can contact our Internationalization Officer. She is always willing to help you!

Academic Advisor

Each program at Tilburg University has an academic advisor. You can talk with your academic advisor about issues such as methods of planning and study, disappointing results, or binding study advice. Are you struggling with personal matters such as illness, adjusting to university life, or are you experiencing domestic problems? Then you can talk to the Dean of students who can help you find appropriate help if you have questions or issues that are less related to the content of your study program. Trudy Haneveer is the academic advisor of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. You can make an appointment with her via the Student Desk. There are three Deans of students. You can contact them by sending an e-mail to: or by making an appointment via the Student Desk. 

Student psychologists

Tilburg University has several student psychologists available for students from all Schools. Depending on the nature and the seriousness of the problem, the student psychologist can help you with information and coaching, refer you to other staff members or authorities, or offer you certain training sessions or courses. You can fill in the application form via this link to get in contact with the student psychologists. 

Study abroad advisor

Every school has a Study Abroad Advisor. This advisor is solely focused on helping students who wish to study abroad. If you want to study abroad for a semester, this is your mentor through the entire process of finding a partner university, signing up for the exchange program, selecting your curriculum, etc. The advisor of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences is Trudy Haneveer. You can make an appointment with her via the Student Desk. 

Top-level sports

Are you a top-level student athlete and do you want to combine your sports with your studies? The university will support you the best way possible by facilitating a successful combination of top-level sports and studying. The university has chosen two core sports: rowing and field hockey. These typical student sports will receive extra university support. However, also students who play other sports on a high level can apply for a topsport status. You can apply for this via this link: Apply for Talent Status.

Studying with a disability

Studying with a disability is nearly always more difficult and takes more time and energy than studying without an impairment. To make studying easier for you, Tilburg University offers a number of special arrangements and specialist facilities. For understandable reasons, it is often difficult to be open about your disability. Nevertheless, it is wise to overcome this fear and contact thefor your particular course. Make sure you find out about your rights and obligations and act on them. You can contact Trudy Haneveer, for this. You can make an appointment with her via the Student Desk. 


Student participation

University student parties

It is important for the university that students can participate in making for example the university facilities better. To represent and realize all ideas, visions and possible improvements, the university has two student parties; Fractie Front and Fractie SAM. Every year, the university organizes elections to decide how many seats each party can take in the University Council. Their goal is to help students, so you can always contact them if you have any ideas or recommendations for the university. The email address of Fractie Front is: and the email address of Fractie SAM is:

Faculty student party

Next to the university wide student parties, each faculty also has its own student party. These parties are focused on improving the study programs and courses within their faculty. Members of these parties take place in the Faculty Council. For Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Fractie Stimulus is the student party. You can contact them by sending an e-mail to:

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