Britt van der Loo - Rome, Italy

I would never want to miss my time as an exchange student at LUISS Guido Carli university in Rome, Italy. Even though the Italian lifestyle is so different and you have to get used to it, the atmosphere is good. You really have to get out of your comfort zone, since nothing will be the same as in Tilburg. I visited some beautiful nice places in Italy where you maybe would not go in the first place and Rome feels like my home town now. Everywhere you go there is something interesting to see which makes it a special experience. Next to the fact that I enjoyed living in a big city, I met some really nice people from different places. It was very easy to make contact since this experience was new for almost everyone. The campus was beautiful (in real Roman style) and it was nice to spend your time there. Although the way of teaching was different compared to Tilburg, I learned a lot at University as well as from my total experience!


Bente van Hattem - Ljubljana, Slovenia

During the fall semester, I went to the beautiful capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana. I often got and still get the question why I chose for Ljubljana, and I will tell you why. Ljubljana is the ‘hidden pearl’ of Europe, and although tourism is increasing, it is still not that well known. This is what makes Ljubljana so special. The inhabitants are really friendly and open and throughout the whole city there is this relaxed atmosphere without stressful people that are running through the city as we often see in the Netherlands. Ljubljana is a real student-city and the university has a great percentage of international students, which really helped me in feeling at home in Ljubljana and on the university. As Slovenia has a central place in Europe, I made a lot of trips in Slovenia with its beautiful nature, but also around Slovenia (Italy, Bosnia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria). If you have the ability to go on exchange, I would really recommend you to do so, because it will give you an unique experience and open view on the world. It is the time to discover new places, get to know new people and see how other universities and students work and live.


Lieke de Jong - Madrid, Spain

Living is a metropole like Madrid has been a great experience and I would recommend going there to anyone! Life in Madrid is exciting and very diverse, ‘there is no city on earth that is more alive than Madrid’ (Lonely planet ;). Going on exchange is, in my opinion, one of the best choices you can make during your studies. I’ve learned a lot about myself, the Spanish culture (and language) and (some) of the courses I’ve taken. Moreover, I’ve had the opportunity to learn so many new people.


Jasmijn van der Werff - Madrid, Spain

Last semester I took the chance to study in Madrid. It was amazing! Madrid was my first choice since I wanted to live in a big city. I rented a room in the centre, which I would definitely recommend if you go on exchange. Madrid is the perfect city for partying, shopping and sightseeing. Besides, there is always something going on in Madrid: it is not boring to live there! As Madrid is connected well to other cities, I travelled a lot with my roomies. We went on trips by ourselves, but also with organizations to Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Toledo, and Sevilla. When you go on exchange you learn a lot and you meet so many new people. Living abroad was great!


Nard Timmermans - Limerick, Ireland

During the fall semester of 2018 I had the opportunity to attend Limerick University. Limerick is a city in the west of Ireland which is situated at the Shannon River. The city isn't that big even though it is the third biggest city in the country and it's  know for the great university and rugby team (Munster rugby). The university is bigger than our beloved Tilburg University  and it even has 3 pubs located on campus which are opened until 12 at night. The mix of internationals and Irisch students  works surprisingly well because Irisch people are truely interested in international students and they welcome you with open  arms! The country Ireland is known for it's breathtaking landscape and lively citys full of bars like Galway, Dublin and Cork!  Personally I would advice everyone to go on exchange since you will get to explore a new country, make friends from all over the world and develop yourself personally as well! Greetings from Ireland!


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