Excursion committee

Every early spring, one of the most fun and exciting POLIS events takes place: the excursion. Now, I would like to proudly present you the amazing girls that are going to make this happen for the EXCURSION 2019!

First up is our always flawless Kimmetje Maas. She doesn’t only have the beauty, but also the brains. With her sharp mind, enthusiasm and passion for the committee she will be shining this year as one of our PR’s!

Next is the first of our two freshmen, Sarah. She is sweet and spontaneous and will be the other part of our great PR-duo. This girl claims to have never had a hangover in her entire life. Well, as a new POLIS member, we will see how long that is going to last…

Our other freshman, the lovely Char, will be in charge of the money this year. She is incredibly motivated, very creative and always gives a full 100% effort for the committee. Without Charlotte's spirit, the excursion of 2019 wouldn’t be the same!

Want to have a crazy night out? Then Melinda is your girl! When you go out with her, you are guaranteed of an evening full of fun and the best stories afterwards. Also, it is phenomenal how many times she can get the boeka ‘uitgespeeld’. No wonder she is our chief of drinks...

A girl you can find at McDonalds at 4 am on a regular basis (probably with Melinda), is the charming Sozia. This year, she has the serious task of being our secretary. And believe me, with her behind the laptop our minutes are always as on point as her make-up!

Next is the wonderful Sas. Since she is the oldest member of our committee, we gave her the most important job of all: Chef Baco! Right now we are on a steady 3rd place in the competition, but with Saskia’s encouragement I’m sure we will finish the year as winners!

Then our beloved coordinator and favorite board member (also love for the rest of the board xxx) Aniek! She will definitely push us to the limit, not only regarding our drinking capacity but also to create the most amazing excursion ever!

And then at last there is me, Sofie, an extremely excited and already very proud chairman who can’t wait to take you on your favorite citytrip of the year!


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