Excursion committee

In the second weekend of 2020 the best POLIS activity will take place, the excursion! Each year the excursion committee organizes a two-day citytrip for 60 people, which will be going to Düsseldorf this year. I would like to proudly present to you the amazing committee that will make the excursion happen;

First up is our (very important) PR for this year, Tony Waugh. Not only is this man POLIS’ internationalization officer of this year, he’s also our contact person towards companies, pubs and hostels. This task makes him very important for the entire committee!

Next up is Gido Karsmakers. As a fourth year POLIS member (yes, 4 years of active membership), he has great input and ideas using all his past experience. Not only his input is great, but his editing skills come in very handy for the amazing announcement video that we made as a committee!

One of the freshmen (and the youngest!) in the committee is Zara van Schaijk, our chief of drinks. Some might say she doesn’t have an important task, but she manages to set up some lovely drinks for us to bond over (so, very important!). She makes sure not only the committee gets to know each other, but we also come in contact with other committees over a beer.

The other freshman in our committee is Marente Querido. Marente was able to finish the pabo and start a new bachelor as well (wow). This shows she is really determined to achieve something. As our chief BaCo she’s also determined to get us to the top of the BaCo ranking this year!

This year’s excursion secretary is the one and only Elise Wolberink! After her year in the EC she was ready for an even bigger event, the excursion. As a secretary, she’s also very important, as she makes sure the meetings are structured and clear discussions are being held.

Our treasurer of this year is Lauren den Otter. Since the excursion will take place with 60 people, being responsible for the money is not an easy task. But with her calm and precise mindset she’s perfect for this task. She might not speak up the most, but when she says something it's always something important!

Another second year POLIS member is, Boris Dekker aka Bobo. Boris is always a source of great input. He comes up with great creative ideas like no other! As he says himself, “Boris is not cut out for a huge task”, but he manages to compensate this with his humor and input! 

Then my beloved coordinator, Emma van Dongen. As a part of this year’s board she’s always busy, but she’s always able to make time for the excursion committee. In situations where I don’t really know what to do or say, she always has my back to come up with a solution together. Plus, she seems stress-proof, which can be great in such a stressful weekend!

And then there is me, Luuk van Montfort. Of course, I’m a super proud chairman who thinks this excursion will become one to remember! I can’t wait to go through this year with my committee and the rest of the POLIS members, and I hope to see you all on this year’s excursion!


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