Frequently Asked Questions

Study Association POLIS

What is POLIS?

POLIS is a study association for both the studies Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues. POLIS is an international study association with around 500 to 600 members. POLIS can support you with study-related issues but also organizes a lot of educational and fund activities. You can become ‘’active’’ within POLIS, meaning you can join a committee that organizes events. These events can entail parties, a congress or even a study trip. If you want more information you can look at the ‘’What is POLIS?’’ page.

Where can I find the POLIS room?

You can find the POLIS room in Tias building on the 6th floor. If you take the elevator to the 6th floor you see our POLIS room straight away when you walk out.

When can I find who in the POLIS room?

The POLIS room is divided into room duties:












When does the POLIS room open and close?

The POLIS room opens at 12:30 and closes at 17:00.


Other Associations

Can I be a member of POLIS and another association?

Yes, you can! At POLIS you can be a member and decide not to join a committee. This way you have all perks, such as books discount and summaries

Do you have a hazing?

No, we do not. Joining POLIS and any of the committees is all without any hazing.

What is POLIS a part of?

POLIS is a part of the TSB Faculty, within this faculty there are multiple studies and thus multiple study associations. Beside POLIS there are the associations Complex, INPUT and Versot. Overarching all four is IDEA.


Active Membership

How do I join a committee within POLIS?

Unfortunately, the deadline for applying for a committee has passed. 

How do I join activities?

You can find all upcoming activities on Facebook and on the website. You can buy a ticket at the POLIS room or on the website.

Can my friends/me as non-member join activities?

Yes, they can. For non-members the prices are usually a bit higher but everyone is always free to join.



What are declarations?

You can declare expenses to POLIS if you have had costs on behalf of POLIS (for example, you paid for decorations for one of your committee's events). You have 14 days after the event to do this and need to have the receipt of the transaction. 

How do I declare committee/POLIS costs?

You can declare by filling in a form in the POLIS room or there is a form on the website under 'members'.


Internationalization Officer

What and who is the Internationalization Officer?

The IO of 2019-2020 will be Tony Waugh. The IO’s role is to facilitate the integration of international students into POLIS and act as contact person for them. Throughout the whole year the IO will be actively working to make all internationals feel welcome and help to tackle any issues you might have.


Study-related and career-related

What does POLIS offer me study wise?

POLIS offers you discount on study books and summaries. POLIS also offers study help.

Can POLIS offer me study help?

Yes, they can. POLIS offers you the chance to connect with someone who is willing to help others with their studies, with someone who needs help.

What does POLIS offer career wise?

POLIS has a few formal committees and activities. The Career Committee has the goal to set students in touch with the working field of Organization Studies. 

What is an inhouse day?

An inhouse day is for participants to orient on the labor market. You visit a company for a day to get to know the organization. 



How do I reach Tilburg University?

There are a few options to reach Tilburg University. Firstly, you can take the train to the station ‘’Tilburg Universiteit’’. Secondly, you can take the bus, you can find all times in the app or on the website 9292. Lastly, you can take the bike. Within Tilburg there is the ‘’red cyclepath’’ this starts in the city centre and goes all the way to Tilburg University.

Where do I get a bike?

Besides buying a bike you can rent a bike. In Tilburg you currently a lot of options, here are two options: Swapfiets and Boogle. You can get one of the bikes online and always have someone there to help if needed.

How do I find accomodation in Tilburg? (IO)

In Tilburg there are multiple ways to find a room. One of which is to sign in to a housing organization. Another is to sign up for one or several of the Facebook groups. And lastly, you can always ask around, for instance at POLIS, to see if someone has a room available.

Where can I find POLIS in the city?

POLIS has a favourite pub where we go out often and a lot of the informal activities take place. You can find us at the Boekanier, Stadhuisplein 11 in Tilburg.


Tilburg University

Where do I buy books?

You can buy your books via Study Store. You can always look at the books up via our website and find the whole list of books you need.

How and where do I get a student card?

You can ask for your student card via the university website. And you can go pick up your student card at the study desk in building A on campus.

Where do I go with study related questions?

With study related questions you can go to the student desk in building A or call them. You can always go by the POLIS room on the 6th floor of T building.

How do I reach teachers/lecturers?

Besides seeing them during your contact hours, you can contact your teachers and lecturers via the inbox on Canvas.

When are the exams?

You can find the whole year planning on the university website, by looking at the year planning from TSB.

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