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Let me introduce you to our first freshmen of this committee, Noortje, our very own secretary! She is a really nice girl, who will always help you out! She comes from far and sometimes travels 2,5 hours, just to be at our meeting, wow! Noortje loves to bake, it’s one of her hobbies. Lucky us, because sometimes she surprises us with cookies when we meet. If you want to make sure you have a dessert to die for, leave it to Noortje! 

Our second and also our last freshmen is Maud. She is our PR, and I think this function fits her perfectly. You can count on her and she makes sure everything happens and is arranged in the way we like it. Besides that Maud is really creative, she always comes up with ideas and solutions! Want to have a nice and wild party? Make sure to invite Maud, that girl knows how to dance and party! She is just very ‘gezellig’!

Maxim is in his second year, but this is his first year being a member of POLIS! He studied Personeelswetenschappen last year, but luckily he decided to study Organisation Studies. Thank you Ana for making Maxim enthusiastic about POLIS! Maxim is our treasurer this year, I am sure our money will be in good hands. Maxim is very enthusiastic and was very fanatic with the crazy 88! When we have a meeting, he is 9 out of 10 times too late, but we will forgive you for that!

Then we have Kim, she is our Chef Borrel this year! Kim will always give you an honest opinion and is so sweet. Kim partly wanted to join the FoodCie because she wanted to learn how to cook. According to me, she has already learned a lot, or she is just really talented. If you liked the Albondigas at our first event, you know Kim can cook! As of January, she is moving to Tilburg, which means she will be at more parties from POLIS, yay!

Lars is also our Chef Borrel! Lars is a really nice guy and is always willing to help. A big thanks to Lars for biking with me and my 3 bowls of desserts and all the other stuff I needed, without you I would still be at my house. Besides that Lars is Chef Borrel, he assigned himself a new function, he cuts all our vegetables we need. Every time we asked what everybody wanted to do, Lars said: “Let me just cut the vegetables!” And we are really grateful for that!

Next up is Anouk, she is one of our ChefBaCos this year! Anouk is very motivated to win this year’s BaCo. For the last years she was always in second place, and she really really wants to win this year! Anouk is a very sweet girl, who has a big collection of the Barbie movies. At the Active Member Dinner, I promised on film that we will watch a Barbie movie with the whole committee. I think Anouk is the perfect person to pick THE BEST Barbie movie! Already looking forward to this movie night…

Of course there is not just one Chef Baco, Aniek is our second Chef Baco! Anouk and Aniek already reserved this function on the Active Member Diner. With Aniek her enthusiasm there is no doubt that this function is made for her. Aniek has many many talents, one of these is that she is creative with photoshop and therefore makes our posters! Besides that she knows so many things, and is always willing to give you advice. Another talent of Aniek is that she can chuck beer very fast. You want to win a beer estafette? Make sure Aniek is in your team! 

Then we have Nina, she is a lovely girl from Agga aka Den Haag. She loooves red wine, which helped us very much with the crazy 88, thanks Nien! Besides that she loves a good cantus, basically we can say she loves alcohol! Sadly Nina is leaving to Singapore in January, this means that we have to miss her by then. Therefore, Nina has an overall helping function in our committee. Have fun in Singapore, I am convinced that you will have a great time there!

We are not there yet… next up is Marijana, the coordinator of our committee and the chairman of POLIS. Marijana is really sweet and  the ‘mommy’ of this committee. Losing your mobile phone at gala? Marijana has it! Being a little bit too drunk and therefore very emotional? Marijana comforts you! Should I go on? Marijana is always all dressed up, she never makes a wrong fashion choice. She even forgot that she had to wear a cooks jacket, but she still wore it very fashionable with her skirt underneath it! Thank you Marijana for always helping, literally in every way haha!

And then there is me, Maartje, the chairman of this amazing committee! I am very proud of my committee, this year is going to be amazing! Being a chairman improved one of my worst qualities, namely not being on time, since this year I am almost never late for our meetings! I am really excited to organize other events with my fellow committee members and make these successful! I can’t wait for our next committee borrel, but this time including going out! Thank you all for being such an enthusiastic committee member!!!


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