Food committee | FoodCie

We are FoodCie!

Let’s start with our firstyears. 
Jelmer van den Meerendonk is one of our treasurers this year. He’s good at saving money, once sneaking into the Colosseum in Rome, for free! 

Sander Slegers is our other treasurer. There is no task too challenging for him, from switching the beamers on and off with his phone in highschool and picking fights with men 10 times his size. 

Jimena Budar is our very talented secretary. Her Mexican roots will probably give our culinary adventure a spicy twist.

Django Kerseboom is our chef drinks and he will definitely make us drink this year. If you want to join us, make sure you contact him!

Manouk van Sluijters is our PR and she manages our instagram! Even though she’s not a top notch influencer yet, we have faith that her ‘instaskills’ are going to make our Instagram page the place to be. If you want to stay up to date, give us a follow!

Liza Driessen is out coordinator. She motivates us to work hard and drink even harder. She always is a great support in the meetings and always comes up with creative ideas.

Jasmijn van der Werff is our master student. She has the most POLIS experience, and even though she probably has the busiest schedule of all of us, she will not let us lose the committee competition, as that is the task she volunteered for.

Lastly I have the awkward task of introducing myself. I am Ella Verheijen and I am the chairman of FoodCie 2018-2019. I’m sure we will do our very best to make your year as tasty as possible!

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