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This year’s introduction weekend will be organized by an amazing group of people. Hereby I proudly present the INTRO committee of 2018/2019

Let’s start with our secretary: Gido. Despite the fact that this enthusiastic boy is very busy with his board year of the E-sports association and giving soccer training, he still takes the time to keep up the minutes of the most amazing committee of 2018/2019. Fun fact: the pianist of “kedeng kedeng” is in Gido’s soccer team!

Next, we have Säde, who fulfils the function of PR. This happy girl from Helsinki will never miss a party. She loves to be an active member of POLIS, but she loves the low alcohol prices in the Netherlands even more.

The other person who helps Säde with the PR tasks is Boris. This freshman is a big flirt, so there is a big chance that if you see Boris in the Boekanier that there will be a girl by his side. Boris does not have his own room in Tilburg yet, but luckily he can always crash at his bestie’s place: Krijn.

Krijn is one of our treasures. Even though Krijn is a freshman, with his 21 years of age he is the oldest member of our lovely committee. Krijn’s strengths are skipping lectures and chugging beer. His record is chugging half a litre beer in only 5 seconds.

Our other treasure is Nina. When there is red wine, Nina will be present. Nina’s red wine obsession is (almost) bigger than her love for men. This girl from The Hague feels totally at home in cosy Brabant and loves to go out here.

Meike is our Chef BaCo. She has studied in the states before, but now she’s back and ready to make sure we win this year’s committee competition. She is a very unique girl, since she never crawled as a kid. Luckily for us, she learned how to walk and dance (!) instead.

Our chief of drinks is the one and only Leanne. You will never see this freshman without a big smile on her face. Leanne is an enthusiastic and spontaneous girl who is always in for something fun.

The coordinator of this amazing committee is nobody less than Liza! If Liza has a goal, she will fully go for it. Despite the fact that she is busy with being part of the POLIS board, Liza will always make time to have drinks and parties with the committee.

Last, I will have to introduce myself. I’m Janne, chairman of the INTRO committee of 2018/2019. I believe that with this wonderful committee, we will organize the best INTRO weekend ever for the new students of Organization studies and GMSI of next year.



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