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All being first-years (except our board support), they still have their own IntroCamp lively in mind (some better than others). Now, it is up to these people to create a crazy weekend themselves. I present to you the INTRO committee of 2019/2020:

Bas will take up the responsibility of PR. The smooth talks he needs for this role, he practices when going out. His biggest flex to impress is that he comes from Druten, one of the most lively and crazy places in the Netherlands. Not impressed yet? Come party with him, and let his dance moves sink in.

To help Bas with PR, Joost comes to the rescue. By getting the INTROcom good deals even 9 months before the event, Joost shows us how it’s done. In order to gain the status of ‘Grote speler’ Joost never misses a POLIS event nor a hangover.

The amazing girl who takes our minutes is Joëlle, our secretary. She moved to Tilburg from Veenendaal and is already feeling the ‘Brabantse gezelligheid’. Wake her up at 3 AM to take shots, and she is most likely to take them. Want to win a crazy 88? Get Joëlle in charge.

‘Money, money, money’ - ABBA, 1986. Or was it Maren, in 2019 and 2020? As our treasurer, Maren makes sure the weekend can actually take place without POLIS going broke. If you go out with Maren, chances are 100% you will lose her. Find her through the sound of laughing people, as this girl is probably out somewhere cracking jokes.

Our own Mr. Worldwide is Bram, our chef BaCo/borrel. He was born in Germany, raised in Belgium, living in Eindhoven and Studying in Tilburg, not to mention he has family all over the world. You can find him in the Boeka, or playing indoor soccer games together with Bas and Joost. 

To keep an eye on us, we have Emma on our side. As a board member, make sure you plan any meet-up with her about a year a head. When is she not in a meeting or in the Boeka… we don’t know.

Lastly, I will introduce myself. I am Hannah, just like Maren born in Delft, chairperson of the INTRO committee from 2019 to 2020, and professional sleepover spot provider for the committee. With such an alive and creative committee, I can promise the next POLIS IntroCamp will be one for the books.   


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