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This year, the Master Committee exists of five people. Since our events are especially for (pre-)master students, you might not have heard about us. Let us introduce you to the people behind the Business Dinner and the Undercover Recruitment activity.

First, we have Jade, our head PR. Jade comes from a very small town somewhere in Brabant, but now lives in Bali, where she can crawl back to when she spend a night with POLIS in the Boekanier. Jade sometimes makes up her own words when she is too enthusiastic about something, but her enthusiasm is a good thing for a Head PR in the MaC!

Then we have Joep, who is our secretary, despite the fact that he has not made any minutes yet. Joep lives in Tilburg now, but comes from Oldenzaal, which explains his accent. Before we even had our first meeting, Joep decided he was becoming the Vice-Chairman of the MaC. Not sure if this will work, but we’ll see about that later.

Wouter is our treasure(r), who lives in Tilburg with his girlfriend Saskia, from AxtC. Wouter once ran into a lamppost when trying to steal someones step. He ended up with a concussion, but is still smart enough to follow the pre-master Organization Studies. We are happy to have him, and his jokes in our committee.

Of course, this committee has a coordinator, like every other committee. We are really happy to have Martijn, especially Fleur. Martijn did not get on the fixweb in his first year, despite kissing more girls than we knew. What’s his secret? We’re not sure yet. After being in a committee together for three years, being separated in Fleur’s last year as an active member just wouldn’t be an option.

Last but definitely not least, our beloved chairman Fleur. In contrast to me (Martijn), who’s great at avoiding the fixweb, Fleur loves to be on the middle of the fixweb and challenges herself every POLIS activity to get some new lines or at least improve her blue-red ratio. This is my third year together with Fleur in a committee and I know from experience that the Business Diner and Undercover Recruitment Event are going to be a great success with Fleur as our leading spirit.


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