Member Weekend 2020

Hi you all!
In these crazy times of uncertainty and boredom, we are here to shine some light in your dark lives. We are very excited to share our amazing event with you.
The traditional POLIS-MemberWeekend is one of those annual events that make you never want to graduate, simply because you want to keep reliving all those fun memories as a student forever. We would have loved to tell you all you need to know about what to expect, but, unfortunately, the current circumstances won’t allow it. We are thrown back to medieval times, as a modern-day plague has us all in its grip.
We have faith in society and science, and are hoping that a remedy will be found as soon as possible. While being in quarantine can be fun for a week (finally time to do all those chores you have been neglecting!), it causes us to miss each other and all those great moments we usually share. So, get ready: we will catch up with all the time we were separated, including all the craziness, happiness and possible alcohol-consumption you might be lacking right now.

When: 8th, 9th and 10th of May
Where: D’n Hazelaar (Eersel)
Transport: Bus from TiU at 14.30 o’clock (important note: make sure you don’t register for Strategic Decision Making workgroup 4 and Organization Behaviour practicum 6, but who wants to have a lecture on a friday afternoon, anyway?)
Prize: €55 (including accomodation, dinner and breakfast, games, cantus, endless amounts of fun)
Theme: Check our amazing announcement video
Subscription: Open Now! Check the link in the description!
Available spots: 47, so be quick!
Hotel?: Trivago

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