Memberweekend committee

It is an honour to introduce to you, the committee of Member Weekend ‘19/’20! We are building on a great weekend for all of you POLIS members out there. Hope to see you there <3

Miggel Voets is one of the fanatic first years in my committee. Together with Kiara, he is one of our Chief of Drinks (yes, we have and definitely need two) and manages to arrange one drink after the other. This rugby player will tackle every task with full dedication and makes all WVTTK’s at the end of the meeting fun with his stories. He is still working on his ‘VO sign because during the CultureCom event he managed to spell out ‘OV …

Secondly we have Guus Wijgergangs, our Treasurer. He is also a dedicated first year ready for any task, any time. Before the meeting even starts he is already busy with fulfilling task he hasn’t even been assigned yet. He is always ready to party and will make sure you are ready too!

Our Chief BaCo is Lucas van Vroonhoven who is so committed to his function that he already claimed it before we even had a meeting. Specialized in the ‘Co in BaCo, he enthusiastically assigns everyone with the tasks needed to score points. For the other committees this year, you better watch out because if it were for Lucas, we had already won (twice!!).

Next up is our first year Fleur Brusik. She is handling the PR function for this committee this year. Always in for nice food or drinks and she will make sure everybody is having a good time. She is always smiling and you can always count on her if you need something!

Our second Chief of Drinks is Kiara Sarens. She’s originally from Belgium but has also lived in Spain and in the US. Her English is amazing but she can also speak Spanish and Flemish (fluently!). This year she decided to come to the amazing Tilburg to study here and also joined POLIS. Together with Miggel she organizes all of our memorable drinks.

Our secretary is Albano Godrie. This is his second year of his study and this year he decided to join POLIS (yes Albano, not Polis). Together with Miggel and Guus he is in the running of receiving the most crosses in our committee. In his own words “This is to make sure our last drink is going to be memorable”. Way to go Albano!

Last we have our Coordinator Django Kerseboom, who’s ready for every drink. As a member of the Board he is the most experienced and will make sure everybody (tries to) keep up with him. He is a very busy man but will always make time to help and makes sure this year’s theme will be an experience worth joining!

And finally there is me, Jip de Boer, as the chair(wo)man of this amazing committee. I know I won’t have a lot of trouble this year because all of my members are dedicated into making this weekend the best it can possibly be. See you there!

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