Memberweekend committee

Let me introduce this year’s Member-Weekend Committee to you!

Let’s start with our Secretary, Nina Flapper. She is 20 years old and is originally from Amersfoort. She is one of the six freshmen in our committee. Even though she is only a first-year, she already had to do an ‘adje straf’ at the BEHAVE Cantus. She tried to avoid it by hiding under the benches, but unfortunately for her, she was unsuccessful!

Next we have, Eva Dekker. She is also 20 years old and also comes from Amersfoort. She is this year’s Public Relations Officer, so she will be making sure that the weekend will take place at an amazing location! She has already earned our committee valuable BaCo points, just check the fixweb ;)

This year’s Treasurer is Boris Dekker, but he goes by the nickname Bobo. Don’t be fooled by the same last names, he and Eva are not related! He is 20 years old and comes from Eindhoven, where he has experienced many crazy nights out thanks to PSV. Feel free to ask him about it, he will gladly share his stories with you!

This year we have two Chef Drinks, Emma Mulders and Luuk van Montfort. Emma is a second year student, who was already active in POLIS last year, as a member of the Cantus Committee. Her obsession with the song ‘Lekker met de meiden” has reached the point, that we had to ban it from committee meetings to make sure they would be productive. If you don’t believe me, pay close attention to the songs being played in De Boekanier next time! Luuk is a first year OS students, however this isn’t his first year as a student. Last year he studied Business Economics, however he didn’t make and now he’s here with us. He has already come up with many creative ideas for this year’s member-weekend, which you guys will get to see soon enough!

Next up we have, Eva Snijer. Eva is 19 years old and comes from Eindhoven. She may seem like a lovely girl today, however as a kid she was apparently very difficult to handle. Because of this, her parents signed her up for Girl Scouting, so that she could get all her energy out there and could be calm at home. Now she invests all that energy into planning the best member-weekend and procrastinating assignments.

Next there is Lauren Den Otter. She is 18 years old and with that the youngest of the committee. She may seem a little shy at first, however once you get to know her she is a really lovely talkative girl. If you love the series ‘Élite’, she is the one you should talk to, because she is just as obsessed with it as you are probably.

Our DOpe coordinator (hahah do you see what I did there? Sorry, I had to.) is obviously Dominic Vestering. I hope by now you all know who Dominic is, since he is in this year’s board. But if you don’t, in short, he is a really funny and sweet guy, who you should definitely get to know. He has had some unbelievable nights-out in the past, just ask him about his vacation in Bali with his grandparents. Seriously do, it’s a crazy story!

Lastly, there is me, Emily Szabo, and I am the chair(wo)man of this amazing committee. I am 19 years old and a second year GMSI student. Last year, I helped organize the study trip to Vietnam and it was an unforgettable experience. This year, with my fellow members, I will make sure that member-weekend 2018/2019 will be even more memorable than last year’s (sorry Ella)!

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