Noa Kooiman

Hi! My name is Noa Kooiman. I was born in the beautiful city Breda and moved to the neighbour city Tilburg when I started studying. I never regretted this decision since Tilburg has so much to offer students. I’ve been an active member since my first year as a member of the Introduction Committee. After that the TOP committee followed and in my second year I had the pleasure to be chairman of the Food Committee. Being part of these committees have created so many great moments in my student life as well as I’ve learned a lot from the committee work. This year I will be chairman and I’m honored I’m given this opportunity. I look forward for all the amazing moments to come!  

  • Net klaar met je studie....

    Net klaar met je studie....

    Net klaar met je studie…. en dan!? De arbeidsmarkt roept, maar je hebt eigenlijk geen idee wat je wilt gaan doen, of waar je wilt

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  • How do I prepare for an assessment?

    How do I prepare for an assessment?

    While being in the race for your dream internship or job, you might face the stadium in which you have to take an assessment. Exci

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