Juliet - Savannah, USA

The destination of my exchange was Armstrong State University in Savannah, USA. Savannah is the oldest city in the state Georgia, located 15 minutes away from the east coast beaches. Savannah weather is great for getting a tan, as there are only 2 weeks of ‘winter’ when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Celsius. The university assigned us to apartments on campus where I met friends for life from all over the world. Savannah has their own airport making it possible for us to go on trips very often. In my 5 months abroad I have travelled to 12 different states. The various trips were the best part of my exchange, because within the USA there are a lot of different cultures, cities, people, and landscapes. Going on exchange was probably the best decision of my life, and I would recommend it to everyone who has the possibility to go.


Pleuni - Montréal, Canada

For my exchange I went to HEC in Montréal, Canada. I really loved living in Montréal, it is a big city with very different neighborhoods. There are many beautiful spots, for example the old city center, or the views from the Mont-Royal. Montréal is also a real student city with lots of international students, so it was easy for me to meet new friends. The thing I liked the most about my exchange was travelling. In the 5 months I was abroad I went to Quebec, Toronto, the Niagara Falls, New York, Boston, Chicago and Cuba. Looking back on it, I think going on exchange was one of the best decisions I ever made and I would definitely recommend it!


Vince - Tennessee, USA

My exchange period was one to remember. I did some amazing things, which were not possible if I was there only for vacation. I went to the University of Memphis in Tennessee. I met some really nice American friends, but most of the time I was with other exchange students, because they wanted to do the same things as I wanted. First of all experience American college life. It is really amazing how a full university can freak out if their American Football or Basketball team has to play. Besides I traveled a lot. Among other things I went to Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Orlando, Miami, Key West, Las Vegas and New York. Everyone who want to go on a big adventure, I would fully recommend it! You wanna hear more stories? Just ask me!

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