Anne van Appevan - Melbourne, Australia

This time last year, I was in Melbourne, Australia form my exchange with Monash University. Within the 6 months I lived down under, I experienced a lot. I lived in halls on campus, where I met the people I’ve become the closest with during my time abroad. I got to travel around the most beautiful country there is (I think the pictures speak for themselves) and I found out how it is like to have a home away from home, which Melbourne really was for me. It’s safe to say that going on exchange was one of the best decisions I have ever made! If you have any questions about Australia, Melbourne or exchange in general, please feel free to contact me any time! 



Floor Wijers - Wellington, New Zealand

Hi, my name is Floor. I am currently on my exchange to Wellington, New Zealand. I would recommend going on an exchange to everyone, because it will be the experience of a lifetime. Exchange made me feel more confident, because I learned I was able to build up a new life on the other side of the world all by myself. It teached me that everything in life is possible, as long as you just dare to try. Furthermore, your English language skills, or whatever language you will speak in you exchange country will really improve. Lastly, I made many international friends and got to experience a lot of different cultures. This definitely changed my perspective on the world and made me realise that the world is way bigger than Brabant and Limburg. 😊


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