Sander Jacobs

Voorzitter & Contactpersoon GMSI
E-mail Sander Jacobs

My name is Sander Jacobs, I am 22 years old and in my fourth year as a student of Organization Studies. I grew up in Wijchen, a town near Nijmegen, and moved in my first year to Tilburg. I decided to become an active member and have no regrets ever since. In these three years I organized lots of different awesome activities, such as the introduction camp and a beach volleyball tournament. Besides the fact that doing something next to your study is a lot of fun, being an active member is very important for your personal development! I love being a part of POLIS and I am looking forward to make Study Association POLIS this year even more fun!

Dennis Verstegen


My name is Dennis Verstegen, I am a twenty-one-year-old Organization Studies student and I have been living in and nearby Tilburg my entire life. The charm the city has to offer made me decide to spend my years of being a student over here. Besides my function within the board of Study Association POLIS I’m functioning as an event and horeca security officer. Furthermore, I like to enjoy a glass of beer or a good sport session.

Within our study association I have been a member of the member weekend committee and I                                                            had the honour to be the chairman of the Sport Committee last year. For this year, I hope I can                                                          provide you with all the information you need regarding Studie Association POLIS. Keep an eye                                                          on your mailbox!

Sander de Been

Penningmeester en Vice-Voorzitter

Hey! My name is Sander de Been, I am 22 years old and currently third year Organization Studies student. I grew up in Tilburg, so I stayed with my roots. In my first year I decided to become an active POLIS member and I haven’t regret this decision for one second. In the activities committee, which set the tone for the upcoming hangovers, I organized theme parties, a pub crawl and a beercantus. As chairman of the introduction committee I organized and introduction weekend for the freshmen and with the KasCo I checked the finances of POLIS. I think the side activities of your student life are as important as the study. This because it develops your social                                                        skills and learns you to handle stress and responsibilities. I am sure we will make the upcoming                                                          year even more crazy!

Isis Weekenborg

Publieke Relaties & Externe Betrekkingen

Hi! I am Isis Weekenborg, 20 years old, third year student of Organization Studies and a fanatical POLIS member! In my first year I moved to Tilburg to enjoy the student life to the fullest. As soon as possible I joined a committee, it was the beautiful Introduction Committee. In my first year I also became chairman of the TOP-week committee of POLIS, it was amazing to get everybody excited for POLIS! In my second year I was the chairman of the Excursion Committee, the weekend in Cologne was extremely fun so that was unforgettable! And now it is time for the next step: a place in the board of Study Association POLIS as Public Relations & External Affairs!!

Max van den Eeden


Hello! My name is Max van den Eeden, 20 years old and 3rd year bachelor student Organization Studies. I was born in Oisterwijk but raised in Zeeland.  In my first year in Tilburg I joined POLIS in the Sports committee. I had a wonderful year with the most wonderful committee members, and because of this my love for POLIS started to grow. In my second year I had the honor to take place in the Lustrum Committee to organize a ten day during Lustrum week.
Now, in my third year, I am proud to write that I am the coordinator of the fantastic board of 2016-2017. I’m sure it will be a wonderful year again!

Floris Janssens


I am Floris Janssens, 22 years old and third year bachelor student Organization Studies. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Eindhoven. Shortly after starting my studies I moved to Tilburg to escape from luxurious life that my parents arranged for me. During my first year at POLIS I was honored to be part of the Event Committee, which was the best Event Committee thus far within  the Association. During my second year is was a member of the prestigious Lustrum Committee, making it very difficult for me to obtain the very valuable ECTS. During my third year I will take on the role of coordinator and make sure to give my full dedication to ensure                                                      another amazing POLIS year for all of our members.