We would like to introduce you the first Acquisition committee of Study Association POLIS! First of all, we present our chairman Remco van der Heijden. Remco is an experienced student in Tilburg, as an active member of Olof. However, this is his first year at POLIS, a great choice and a great start! Our next member is Cintha Moelands. This former Sexcie-Lady also joined Plato this year, but we are happy that she is willing to join this great committee. Cintha will be taking the notes this year as our secretary. We continue with Evelien Kuijper. This always cheery young lady is very busy. In the morning you can spot her, preparing a meeting for the Social Business Days, then a quick lunch at the PK and there she goes to the Sports Center for an afternoon shift. We continue with Lieke van den Dungen, the chairman of POLIS of last year. Although she spends most of her time for Front, we are very happy that she always finds an empty spot in her weekly calendar for us. Great! Then we have Zappa van den Goorbergh and Thijs Boertien. These ex-treasurers both combine this committee with a seat in the Financial Control Committee, thanks! And last but not least, we have Isis Weekenborg, the Public Relations & External Affairs officer. We are honoured that this girl will coordinate this bunch of beautiful weirdos this year!