Harm is one of our adoption children or how we like to call it: rescue heroes. Not originally a member of the Aftercom at the start of the year but when we needed him the most, he didn’t disappear but appeared. He is a little bit lazy every now and then but always give us new, inspiring insight in his thoughts which is great fun.
Not only does Harm bring intellectual assets to this committee, he is also that nice that we are always allowed to use his desktop to edit our awesome aftermovies. Without Harm we wouldn’t be able to do what we do right now! 


Jasper Kee is a very nice goof, famous for his beard. Even more famous for his drinking skills. The fact he still performs at the uni shows there is even a good set of brains up there. Jasper also suprised me with his social skills, with which he earned a great deal of respect from me.

Jasper le Cock is the newest member of our committee. Jasper has the ambition to become a world-famous DJ. Together with one of his fellow POLIS members (Rosa de Weert) he forms the duo Black Slopes. Rumor has it Jasper joined the Aftercom so he can obtain a prominent spot within the aftermovie of this year. Since the aftermovie will go viral, Jasper’s fame will go through the roof.

 Rumor has it he has the ambition

Dennis Verstegen, The man, the myth, the legend.

This year on the board of POLIS a man who is also famous for his chicken burgers and his excellent skills in pronouncing English but mostly for his dance moves which you guys all know from the famous after movies. Dennis, the Aftercom could not do it without you!

Gido is like your German highschool teacher; always looking for a weak spot to account someone for their mistakes.  This strict approach to leading the infamous Aftercom makes its members fear for his authority. Mistakes not allowed, everything on point, and if not, punishment! Although his appearance may by frightening, Gido does have a soft side in which he is very caring for his servants, as long as he profits from it himselves.  All in all, Gido is the right person to lead the tremendous load of caring for the most important committee in POLIS’s existence.

Freek is one of the old guys of the group. He feels some kind of important since he fulfils the most important role within the committee as the secretary. In his spare time he worships the shapes of Jasmijn and he keeps himself busy with getting his kastoemang shape up in the gym. During meetings Freek usually complains about how small he feels in comparison to Dennis’ wonderful big shape. Besides all of his jealousy, Freek is also a pretty nice guy. Your perfect boy next door. The most adorable son in law. He also does a pretty nice deal with his photography too (@freek.visser – instafollow). We love you Freek.

Finally, we have music Michel. Our producer, beatmatcher and money man. Without him, the aftermovies would have sucked donkey balls, so thank him for that!

As our treasurer, he also makes sure that we don’t spend all our money on booze and borrelnootjes. We really value Michel in this committee, and pray that he will lose his panda points soon