“Is your name homework? ‘Cause I’m not doing you, but I should be.” – is a pick up line we don’t use, but it’s funny isn’t it. We’re AxtC, the committee that loves to drink and party. Maik is our chairman, he won’t easily give away his number, but rolling around in a grass field is right up his street. Then we’ll tell you something about Daan, our PR-guy, nicknamed fuckboy-Daan, who will share his phone number very easily you’ll find. Ah let’s move on to Isis, because every group needs a mom. We’re very happy to have her and probably so is Tim. Our secretary is Son, but we don’t really need to introduce him because you all remember him from that song. Lieke is our treasurer, she’s very sweet but a few drinks can make her quite violent. Milou is our Chef Borrel, the goldilocks of our little club and secretly a twin! Lotte is our veteran and she’s a cutie, but don’t underestimate her! Richel is our lil’ sweetie from Hengelo, you can barely make out a word she says, but she can tell you where to get the best ice-cream. Charlie grows her own pot and makes world-renown spacecake. Our next event will be on Valentine’s day: love, sex and everything in-between. We’ll see you on the 14th of February! Peace out! *drops mic*