Hello everyone! We are the cantuscommissie! This year we are going to organize two amazing beer cantussen for you. The first beer cantus we are going to organize is the Boeka Beercantus. This is the beer cantus with a special theme held in café de Boekanier! The second beer cantus is the Stadshuisplein beer cantus. This beer cantus is open for everyone. It will be our biggest cantus that we are going to organize with 300 people! So you can conclude that this year is going to be a big party full with beer! But now, let us introduce our committee:

First of all, we would like to introduce you to our chairman Evelien! She was born in Zeeland. Besides being active at Plato and POLIS, she’s very sportive and trains children on athletics. Nice to know: she is a daughter from a strawberry farmer!

Then we have our coordinator Sander! Sander is always happy and enthusiastic. Next to his busy board life, he is also active at Lacoste where he is also in committees. He loves playing basketball and tennis. Besides all of this, he loves drinking beer with his friends and is addicted to Modern Family.

Then our chef borrels, Tom and Jesse! Both Tom and Jesse can organize amazing borrels, that’s why they are, of course, our Chef borrels. They will organize legendary drinking evenings with as much other committees as possible. Furthermore, Tom is our lazy man from the deep south of the Netherlands. He loves to go out with his friends but also prefers a chill evening. Jesse loves to play hockey but most of all the third half. Therefore her slogan is: ‘’Wine is fine’’. She already has a bachelor in communication. Good to know: she watches too much Disney movies.

Our sweet Caroline Bente is the treasurer of the Cantuscom and will collect all the moneys of our strikes. Sport, friends and going out are the key words in her life.

Next is our secretary Lara and despite living in her hometown, Son and Breugel, she attends as much events as she can. She plays football and loves to go out with friends.

To organize a legendary cantus, our head-PR’s Okke and Vere are very important. Okke comes from the most beautiful city of the Netherlands, Sleeuwijk. He thinks sport is for losers. So, he is a sandwich artist at Subway.

Vere, on the other hand, was a very good tennis player and sportive. Originally, she also comes from the deep south of the Netherlands but now she lives in Tilburg. She likes going out with her friends, drinking beer, going to festivals and is way too addicted to Netflix.