The CareerCom, the best and brand new POLIS committee, focusing on serious opportunities combined with some serious laughter, is a very busy group of people. Our first-years, Josse and Lisanne, find themselves surrounded by beer and beer, and sometimes beer. Still Lisanne (a.k.a. Lissa) is the smartest blonde you know, and Josse comes up with super creative ideas. Did you know that he’s an excellent robot dancer too? Florine combines her boyfriend, teaching workgroups, Olof and friends with us, perfectly summarizing our meetings as our secretary. Judith is our chairman and seems to have a handbook somewhere, perfectly knowing how, when, and why to do everything. She keeps the chaos together, and always adds some positiveness. Linda sometimes cycles backwards but always manages to arrive, and sees things a little differently, leading the ideas in unexpected directions and drawings. Thijs has quite some committee experience, and knows what is possible and what is a bit too dreamy. He focuses us with his presence, if he manages to be there. Floris is our coordinator and has developed the ability to trust us… thus far! He knows what the board is looking for, and stimulates us to think out of the box. So are you interested in a particular organization and would like the opportunity to become one of its employees for a day? Ask us, and we’ll try our hardest to make this happen!