The ChariCie is a new addition to the POLIS family this year. This committee focusses on something completely different and adds on to the POLIS legacy. The first activity of this committee was a great success. It was an evening full of winners. Where POLIS members left with marvelous prices but the real winner was Serious Request. Over €1.100 was raised for the silent killer: pneumonia. As great of a success this was we hope our next event will be as well. Our next event is all about connecting POLIS members to the local community. So be prepared for the ultimate feel good experience.

These activities obviously wouldn’t be possible without our good doers. The committee is a slightly dominated by GMSI students, of which two are internationals. Our first exotic beauty is from Austria, but don’t be fooled by her extreme cuteness. This little girl stands her grounds. In her spare time she likes to do an atje sock and explore the world. She has probably visited more Dutch places than native the Dutch students. Melinda on the other hand is still searching for a place in the Netherlands were they sell some decent bread. She is our Hungarian / German bread expert and chef drinks, who’s always in for a good night out with an inappropriate amount of alcohol. Another addition to our committee is Else the girl from Capelle aan de Ijssel. While she used to make quite the commute, she almost never misses a meeting and is ready to work. Mahat however, is a bit more relaxed and laid backed. He just enjoys the ride and supports the positive and good vibes in the committee. Vera makes sure we learn a new word every week. As she always manages to put in a corky hidden word in the minutes. Besides increasing our vocabulary, she also increases our alcohol consumption as she is in charge of the shots system. Lisanne is in charge of the money as she is our treasurer. But watch out her creative thinking and ambitious ideas might result in some creative accountancy. Dennis it the coordinator of the committee and often lightens the mood during a brainstorm sesh with a joke. While his jokes are usually funnier in Dutch than in English, the struggle is worth a laugh as well. Suzanne is in charge of this enthusiastic group of good doers as Chairman. And lesbihonest she doing quite a good job.