We are the eventcommitte and this year we are going to provide you with the most awesome activities Polis has ever known! Bucketlists will get smaller. Dreams will come true. Wishes will be fulfilled.  Memories will be made.

You’re probably wondering who those special EC-people are that can make this possible, so we will introduce ourselves!

Ruvon is our chairman from Zeeland and is burdened with the task to keep order and discipline in our committee. This year he is on time every meeting so he is a chairman we can be proud of!

Josephine is our Belgian superwoman, she is our head of PR, but her main role is this committee is providing us with awesome Belgian games like ‘what are the odds’ and ‘slap the cup’.

Dylan is in charge of the money is the committee. Although he probably has a bigger closet than Paris Hilton and spends 80% of his money on clothes, we trust him to be a good penningmeester.

Max is our coordinator, he also is member of the Polis Board and he also is our second member from Zeeland. Max provides us with awesome ideas for the EC and awesome awkward moment with Joëlle’s father.

Niels is responsible for the trips we make with the committee. The first one was already a big success so we expect the next trip to be even better. With our Erpse men Niels in charge, this will probably come true!

Liza is charge of the commissie-competitie. She takes her job very very seriously, she probably takes it that seriously that other committees don’t have a change against us. It is already a fact, the EC is going to win the competition this year with Liza on our side. Make your chest wet people!

Femke is our chef-borrel! If we would be available more often she would provide us with weekly borrels, so she is very good at here job. If you are looking for Femke, she is drinking beers in the Boekanier most of the times (something she is very good at as well)  so take a look there!

Marie-Louise started off without a function in this committee, but was promoted to chef-borrel in our second meeting! After this awesome promotion we have two chef-borrels, because you can’t have enough of them. So if you want to borrel, call Marie-Louise.

Joëlle is our secretary from Ottoland, a village that nobody ever heard of but certainly exists. She loves working at Café Bolle, sewing clothes and drinking beers, but she also loves writing so making the notulen won’t be a problem this year!