Let’s start with our chairman, Michel! He has the magical combination of red hair and blue eyes, he possesses enchanting forces in his tongue, and additionally, some highly respected researchers found a remarkably positive correlation between his level of being wasted and his communicative skills; the notorious Casanova Michel Maas has built a reputation in Tilburg’s bars over the last few years. Anyway, Michel is one of the best guys to have a pint with, as he will certainly surprise you with some intelligent unexpected one-liner.

Queen Fien, our Beyonce among the red heads. Every POLIS man dreams of her as a single lady, but unfortunately she is already settled. Emiel already put a ring on it. Within the exchange committee she will not only use her beauty, but also her brains as our treasurer.  POLIS had to miss her for a while, but she is finally back to steal the show at parties with new dancing moves she has learned in Canada.

Our Lotte has just returned from a semester in Denmark. With her creativity she is a good addition to our amazing Exchange Committee. She is in charge of our splendid minutes so we won’t miss a single thing. For the new POLIS members: you can recognize her by her Scandinavian looks and her clumsiness.

One of POLIS’ most valuable members would be Julia. She is from the legendary city of Woerden originally, but is not tied down by this amazing eventful place. Having travelled to places like Blanes and Albufeira, she felt like she had enough drinking experience to go to Sydney. Here she learned about a whole new alcoholic lifestyle: wine from a bag. As you can imagine, with this kind of knowledge she is of great importance to our committee.

After her African adventure, she’s finally back home, it’s Sanne! After her encounters with lions, tigers and even burglars trying to break into her house, nothing will scare her anymore. The past half year she has done enough wine tasting for all of us, so with her expertise we’ll know which wine will get us drunk the quickest at prom. Even though this clumsy chick can’t do zumba to save her life, make sure to watch her dance the night away at prom!

Emiel is best described as a fish-loving, intelligent yet slighty agressive young chap who has created quite a reputation for himself within POLIS because of his love for an occasional alcoholic beverage. Like all of us in the Exchange Committee he will be a new face for our newer members but his outgoing personality will not go unnoticed by the females who recently joined our student association.

At last he’s back. The man, the myth, the legend. After a few months of absence Guido has returned with another experience to add to his impressive repertoire. After being the reason behind Instagram’s server breakdown due to his page Guidilicious, his political party (check out the poster at the POLIS-room) he now completes his CV with an exchange to Ireland. Time for an awesome prom, in Gilbert we trust.

Say do you know the muscleman, the muscleman, the muscleman. Say do you know the muscleman, his name is Sander Jacobs. Nothing rhymes with Jacobs, but nevertheless Sander is real muscleman. Despite he is not really part of our group, no exchange guy, he is accepted because of his muscles. His abs are astonishingly visible, and for the amount of beer he drinks. Crazy guy, head of Polis and beloved within our committee.