Whether or not I wanted to write a piece for the coming POLIS paper about the excursion committee… Of course I want to do that, who doesn’t want to write a piece about the best committee of POLIS?! Last February, we organized the excursion to Ghent, with more than 60 people, and we think it was a big success! Everything went the way it was supposed to be and we are glad that so many of you joined us on this trip. So, let’s talk about who made this possible.

The first person I want to introduce to you is Milou, our beloved secretary. This freshman is probably the quickest secretary POLIS has ever seen, because she finishes her minutes the second we finish our meeting. She is an enthusiastic, spontaneous girl who has been a real asset within our committee. Then Geert, who just moved to Tilburg. Our whole committee now lives here, so no more reasons to not join a party! Geert did not have a special role within our committee, except for making jokes and bending the rules where possible. Kristie is our head-PR who has proved to be a really good negotiator. With the cute, Belgian voice she uses to call the hostel and the companies she got us the best deals and we had no trouble finding companies to visit. Anna and Jari made sure the money was spent in the right way. Because of their skills we had enough money for beer, shots and waffles. Anna is a well-organized worker, our balance was always updated so we had a clear oversight of what we had to spend. Jari is more known for choosing a tosti over arriving in time… That’s probably also the reason he has the most kruisjes. Tijmen also didn’t have a special role within the committee, but was active finding bars and pubs for the pubcrawl. This busy bee is also a member at Vidar, but loves to go to POLIS parties whenever possible, and has been the DJ during memberweekend. Martijn is our Chef Drinks,  and is now our most important committee member since our part for this year is done. There ain’t no party like a party with Martijn! To keep busy, we want to do a homehometour to all of our parents and organize a lot of pilsneusactivities with other committees. Than last but not least, our coordinator Max. I think we simply could not have wished for a better coordinator for our committee. He fits in perfectly and let us find our own way during the past half year, but stepped in when necessary. Max introduced some of us to a patatje stoof met mayo, one of his favourites at Tropical, and we want to thank him for bringing this piece of foodart into our lives. And about myself? Well, I just had the honour of being their proud chairman. (Fleur)