Hopefully as you all know, the foodcommittee provides you throughout the year with 3 Tasteful events all with the same central theme: FOOD. Too supply Culinary delights is the main goal of our committee and we will not stop until your taste buds can handle no more. This year in November we already hosted our first event, The POLIS-Foodhall: winter edition, which was considered by many as the food-event of the year in the whole of Noord-Brabant.

A committee is nothing without its members and with the foodcie that couldn’t be more true. For instance let’s start with our representative of the board, Denise ‘pussydestroyer 3000’ Verstegen. With this much experience and this much muscle tissue, you can’t ever possibly be a bad coordinator. On too our treasurer of foodcie who is nobody less then Sven. Sven is one of the sjaars in our committee, but none the less is mostly found in the tropical around 4am. That’s how deep his passion for food is. Our second sjaars is Floor, who is considered to be the glue that keeps the committee together. With her undying love for food and never ending cuteness she has wrapped many men around her finger. Speaking of those men, Stijn is our oldest and most experience member. With his love for food, organizing unseemingly good events and scoring seemingly younger girls, he is a valued member of the committee. Youri is our representative in South-Africa. At the moment he is studying in Stellenbosch at the Stellenbosch university and getting lucky with natives there. Youri was a big contribution to our committee and will be missed the upcoming months. Next up Melissa who is our member in charge of the commission competition. She is the one who schedules and devises our commission trips and contributes to the committee with insightful ideas and comments. Vojta is the secretary of the committee. We are delighted that he can combine his busy life outside POLIS with the Foodcie. With his Czech background you know cooking is in his DNA. As the saying goes “Nobody cooks culinary food better than the Czechs”. Claudia is the ray of sunshine in the committee. Never less than a smile on her face, she brightens everyone’s day when she walks in the room. Besides a lovely smile, this women knows how to cook. Last but not least the Chairman of the committee, Geert. At the beginning of the year Preases Geert, was dubbed as a ‘Social Experiment’. Well that experiment continues into this new year. With his uncanny Charms and charismatic leadership abilities, the future of the foodcie can only be bright. Our next event will be the OS-diner on the 6 March. Hopefully see you there!