Let me introduce you to the best committee of the year.. the introduction committee!

We’ll give the new students of Organization studies and GMSI an amazing weekend where they meet new friends and have lots of fun! Our committee consist of 8 enthusiastic members of POLIS. Let’s start with our freshman students.

Aniek Vogelsangs is an energetic girl. She is an asset to our committee, because she has the craziest ideas to make the weekend a success. She also makes sure we’ve great get-togethers with other committees of POLIS.

Noa Kooiman is also a freshman. I think Noa is our biggest party animal and has the funniest stories for us to tell in the meetings after a fun night out. However, she makes sure we get fine arrangements with several companies to make the weekend awesome.

Our last freshman is Anouk Keiren. She is one of the active members of POLIS. She never skips a party. Money isn’t an issue, because she is one of our treasurers and knows how to spent it!

Fréderique Smulders is a busy girl, but she is aware of everything what happens in the committee. Fré is very creative and have a fresh look at everything. She is our secretary and we couldn’t do it without her!

Jasmijn van der Werf is our little troublemaker. If there is a activity of POLIS, Jasmijn will be there. Besides all that, Jasmijn performs the task of head of PR with Noa.

Our committee doesn’t consist only of girls. Let me introduce you to one of our handsome boys Rick walk! He makes all the hearts of the girls beat faster. Together with Anouk he makes sure all the money will be well spent as treasurer.

Sander Jacobs is the coordinator of the committee. He keeps the peace within the committee and when things get out of hand, he will bring us back to reality. However, he is the devil himself at the parties, because Sander ensures we’ll get drunk by our committee drink Sambuca.

And last but not least our chairman Valérie Allard. She keeps the committee running and leads the meetings. Together with her committee she will make sure our new freshmen will get the time of their lives at the introduction weekend!