With a lot of internal and external passion, love and motivation we organized an epic weekend for all POLIS members in March 2017. Traditionally, POLIS members organize this event in the second half of the academic year, mainly with the intention to make sure that everyone is still able to drink properly. For a whole weekend, we celebrated ourselves & our association.

And these beautiful people are responsible for the amazing adventurous trip:

Vince – First-year-student, Organization Studies. Besides a passion for football and his deep desire to marry his idol John West one day, he is known for knowing every living soul in Tilburg. This enables him to get you everything you want. Literally. His English is still improvable, but he is getting better every week. And seriously, he would probably be able to organize you a free ride in a VIP-limousine or backstage-entry to every upcoming concert from John West. To put it simple: Great humor, awesome guy.

Britt – Second-year-student, Organization Studies. She is our head of drinks for the second part of the academic year, so if your committee feels like having a fun evening with us, you have to contact her! And, just between you and me, it is time for her to show all the guys in her committee how to drink, so get her some shots and get drunk with her. Within the committee Britt routinely comes up with good ideas and added a great part to the organization of the Memberweekend. Lovely addition to our committee!

Sjuul – Master student, probably somewhere in his twelfth to thirty-fifth year at the university. Back in the days he used to bring his typewriter to university and if you get him drunk enough, he will tell you stories about the war. He was our chief of drinks for the first half of the year and seriously committed to this tasks, which is just plain awesome. It resulted in some awesome committee drinks, of which the first one started in the kitchen of his epic student house with a nice dinner. Very approachable and helpful dude (ask him for daddy advice), and obviously a lot of fun!

Max – Our coordinator, part of the Board. As a coordinator he has the final responsibility for every stupid idea we try to implement, so far he is cooperating and adding his own ingenious ideas to the committee. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better coordinator. We would even get diabetes just to be close to his sugar tits. Seriously, who could resist those? With him being around there will always be a Happy Hour.

Noa – First-year-student, Organization Studies. The fastest girl in POLIS. She’s competitively running since years, always with the goal in mind to be first on the toilet in a cantus break or first at the bar when a free borrel is given out. Oh, and buy her a shot, to make her happy. Actually, make it two shots. Three, you say? She deserves it, as the lovely, motivated and fun girl she is – together with Britt in a committee full of testosterone and beer consumption.

Ronald – Our chairman, and boy, do still waters run deep. This guy is madness, once you get to know him. Amazing commitment to the committee, always around at parties (what a good chairman he is) and always up for a beer (what a great chairman he is!!). He is a man of action, and that’s a perfect characteristic for organizing a Memberweekend. Rumors say that the silent casanova didn’t have a single panda point since 6th grade. This guy is obviously the best chairman POLIS has this year.

Markell – First-year-student, Organization Studies. Our youngest committee member, turned 18 a couple of months ago and is ready to drink beer and shots with all of you guys (the more, the better). Another case of still waters run deep over here. This sneaky Casanova turned out to be MC Markell by night. Give him some drinks and a mic and he makes your birthday, graduation party, reunion or even business meeting into a real party. We all hope he makes the transfer to Tilburg real soon.

Martin aka “The guy who wears 3 shirts to a cantus.” Legends say he wears those 3 shirts non-stop just to be prepared for any surprise parties. Ask him for one of his famous “Tosti’s” as well, while he always carries a toaster in his backpack. He is a real beer lover. Ask him how many different beers he has drunk, he will give you a detailed review about all of them. Martin chucks beer so fast, even Norris would be afraid of him. Some shots in-between? No problem, zero Fuchs were given. Martin is the treasurer of this committee. With his German reliability money wasn’t an issue this year.