Mastercommissie (MaC)

We are de MasterCommittee. This year we organize two events which are both entertaining and educational. We organize a Businessdiner and an Undercover Recruitment event. The goal we have with our committee is to introduce firms and (Pre)master students to each other, which we hope will be beneficial for both parties in the future. This year’s MasterCommittee exists of the following members:

Our Chairman is Brandon Mali a.k.a. Mali B. Besides his job to keep the group in line, you can find him at almost every POLIS-activity. He really understands what it is to be chairman; he gives rewards like peppernuts to the committee when we are performing well.

From the POLIS-board Isis was appointed to coordinate the progress of our MasterCommittee. She is the most experienced member of this committee, because this is her third year as an active member at POLIS. She is also a very experienced drinker. Some people say she drinks faster than her shadow.

This year’s treasurer is Zeb. In his daily life this Social Media king from Venray works as a Partymanager at the Brabanthallen. Besides this he also participates in the Sustainable Business Challenge organized by Engie and the NHTV. He is a real career tiger. If you listen carefully to our man Zeb, you will notice he’s a bit dirty minded sometimes.

We go on with Manon. As secretary she is the right hand of our Chairman. She is the silent force of the group. Because of her every member knows his or her tasks for the next meeting. We are so happy with her, we let De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig write a song about her.

Besides secretary she also is appointed as Chef de Borrel. She does this job together with Jord. The oldest member of the group and maybe even the wisest. He is always up to date when it comes to politics. Besides this he is also very sportive. He participates in the Strong Viking run, boxes in his free time and takes his dates to midgetgolf or pooling. Because of this he is the perfect person to perform the tasks related to PR.

Steven Plaisier also takes part in the PR-tasks. He is our highly appreciated big friendly giant, living in the picturesque village Kinderdijk. After recently attending some POLIS-activities, certain women call him Steven Pleasure. Stevens motto is: a day without laughter is a day wasted. Therefore, he makes all kind of jokes during the day. Some are even better than the other, though sometimes he needs to warm up for a quite long time before his first joke really lands.