Let us introduce ourselves: we are Promo committee. It’s our job this year to promote our beautiful study and our wonderful study association. This year we will be part the “Walk-with-Day’s” as they call it in English we believe. We already organized a family day to give our students the opportunity to show their parents the campus of Tilburg University and experience what it’s like to study OS. We also have the special task to design the POLIS-gadget and it’s coming soon, so stay tuned! And another Promo activity will take place at the 16th of May, there will be lots of beer and fun, so mark the date!

The chairman of our committee is Pleuni. She is the big boss of our committee, she puts a lot of effort in keeping this committee promoting at its best. Floris is our coordinator and takes his task very seriously. Although he is not always present at our committee nights, the times he does show up he makes it very memorable. Axel knows everything about wine (and all other alcoholic drinks). No wonder he gets excited when we are going to drink. He is our secretary and likes to have email contact with young and pretty girls. Because we like our work to be perfect we have another secretary: Hanna. In our meetings she is a real crossterrorist. We are all afraid to take our phone out of our pockets because she sees everything. Then we have Ton, our head PR. He likes to have email contact with older, not that pretty ladies. Even though Ton still lives with ‘ons mam’ and ‘ons pap’ in Schijndel, he is almost always present and brings good vibes with him. Our treasurer is Sofie. She has to do everything with money, a real big spender. But we’re not quite sure if she knows what the balance is at the moment. But that doesn’t matter because Sofie is always enthusiast and present. Manouk is our chef borrel. It took some time for her to get going, but now she’s a real organizing machine. Also Manouk is also champion ‘Beer Pong’, the red cups never leave the table at her house.

And last but not least, Celine. She looks nice and sweet, but don’t get her angry because when she yells, it sounds like hell. Celine is a very busy bee, but she always makes time for the promo.

In Memoriam: Dave Winters. Our lost soldier.