Welcome to the very first POLIS paper! First of all I would like to introduce all of you to my beautiful committee:

We start with Claire Wijnen. Claire, the secretary, was born in Nijmegen and grew up in a small town named Mook. Claire is 21 years old and in her third year of organization studies. In her free time she enjoys spending time on committee-work and hanging out with her roommates. Claire’s random fact: she went to Canada a few weeks ago and regrets the fact that she did not spot a moose.

The next person I’m going to introduce is Ella Verheijen. Ella is 18 years old and lives in Rotterdam. She is a freshman at Tilburg University and studies Global Management of Social Issues. Ella’s hobbies include: eating junk food (especially chips), baking cookies and sowing clothes. During the ALE she did a shot called “tranentrekker” for the sake of the committee which shows that she is truly dedicated. Ella’s role is Chef Borrel and she also keeps track of the committee competition together with Sabrina.

Imke Geschiere, 18 years old, is very good with PhotoShop, which is why she’s our PR. She was born and raised in Breda, near Tilburg. That’s why she doesn’t live in Tilburg yet. Imke is in her first year of organization studies. Imke likes dogs, sushi and cooking (not necessarily at the same time) She is also addicted to Disney movie.

Next is Linde van der Pluijm, our treasurer. Linde is a really sporty girl. In her free time she enjoys doing bootcamps and boxing classes. Her goal is to shape a good booty because she also likes twerking. Linde lives in Waalwijk, is 20 years old and is in her second year of organisation studies.

Sabrina Lumer, 18 years old, is our second committee member from Rotterdam but now she lives in Tilburg, which is quite necessary because she is not only active at Polis, but also at Plato. She is in her first year of organization studies. Fun fact: Sabrina ALWAYS wears a fanny pack: “It’s really handy, I swear!”

Who doesn’t know him: Sander Gay de Been. Sander is 22 years old and our coordinator. Sander is always really busy; he is in the POLIS board, he’s in his third year of organization studies and he is coordinator of three committees. He enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with his boyfriend in his spare time.

Last, but definitely not least: myself, I am Tessa Martin, 19 years old and I am the chairman of the RedaCie. I was raised in Alkmaar but was born in the United States. I now live in Tilburg. I am very honoured to represent our committee and I hope we will produce some beautiful papers and of course the almanac for you!