Click into your skis, straighten your glasses and slide down one of the beautiful white skiing slopes in the company of some of your dearest study friends. That particular feeling is what the SkiCom of Student Association POLIS is all about! This year Tim Jansen, Hanneke Peeters, Daniël Waterman, Noortje Beerens, Boris Meijler, Marija Nedic, Sander de Been, Rosa de Weert and Jasper de Haan are organizing a ski trip to the majestic skiing village called St. Sorlin d’ Arves.

The committee aims to facilitate great skiing possibilities and memorable après-ski nights. Each meeting more and more serious business and fun plans are being confirmed to achieve this and this leads to a growing enthusiasm within the SkiCom!

The chairman, a.k.a. Tim ‘the chairman’ Jansen makes sure the committee stays well informed about the latest developments and upcoming deadlines, while the rest of the committee is doing some very thorough research on the beer drinking possibilities in la belle France. Sander de B. is our board’s delegate and thus in charge of informing the committee about oncoming POLIS-events and his latest romantic escapades. All this planning couldn’t be done without the rest of the committee, those magnificent seven are in charge of the finances/external affairs/committee drinks/promotional matters and everything that comes to mind when organizing a skiing trip!

Vital to a memorable trip is not only the enthusiasm of the SkiCom itself, but also of the remaining 31 participants. Let’s hope that during the trip they all can live up to the level of awesomeness they showed the committee throughout the ski settle. The committee is looking forward to hosting the trip and throwing avalanche-creating parties… Or as they say in France: ‘Escalatiòn!’


Yours sincerely,


SkiCom 2016-2017