Study Trip

I would like to introduce you the first international travel committee of Study Association POLIS.

We start with our chair-(wo)man Brenda Feijen. Brenda is the most experienced committee member. She is present for the 4th year at POLIS! Due to her POLIS experience and her exchange to Pécs last year she is the right person to guide the committee and all the other members on our journey!

Our next pearl is Farzana Hai. Farzana will be taking the notes this year as our first POLIS Bangladesh’ secretary. This girl is eloquent but never forgets to write down everything mentioned in the meetings. Perfect!

We go on with Guido de Moor. This broad-shouldered guy will be our head external affairs this year and that is for a reason. Guido already hosted a trip to Barcelona during his time at high school.

Our most widely-traveled member is Suzanne van Tol, our treasurer. It will be hard to find a location where Suzanne has not been yet (I know she does not like this joke ). But with her experience in combination with her organized way Suzanne is a welcome addition to the Travel Committee.

Our Chef-Borrel is Feline Verstappen. Feline always has great ideas for activities with the committee. Alongside she always has her tasks done in time, which is a soothing idea.

Then we have Siti Putri. Siti is our Indonesian whizz kid. This girl always walks around with a smile on her face, which brings a positive atmosphere to the meetings!

Don’t forget Jasper de Haan. This ‘brabo’ has two faces. The serious guy and the stand-up comedian. Jasper is also in the race for the ‘most crosses of the year’. Good luck!

Then we have Gezy ‘Made in Made’ Schuurmans. Gezy is one of the three GMSI students and also has a lot of useful information concerning travelling.

Our coordinator this year is Thijs Boertien. Thijs is the treasurer of the association and is very happy to be part of this first international travel committee. It will be a wonderful year!