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Hello everyone!

We are the POLIS PROMO committee of 2018/2019 and we will organize two events this schoolyear, the Friend Cantus and the Family Day. Next to that we are going to make a POLIS gadget.

The PROMO committee consists of the following eight enthusiastic students:

First we have Milou, the secretary of our committee and a fellow Limburgian. Even though she lives far away she is always on time for our 8:45 meetings. Which can’t be said for others who live in Tilburg (“cough” Jasmijn “cough”).

Next we have Job our treasurer, good with numbers and convincing others of his great ideas, especially if he is the one bringing up the idea. His enthusiasm is so contagious that you just have to agree with him.    

One of our Chef Borrel (Yes we have and definitely need two) is Jasmijn. The only GMSI student in our committee and in the lead with the having most crosses together with Job, because she is the best at being late for a meeting by a few minutes.

The other Chef Borrel is Jip, the never tired, and always in for a party first year (It’s like she was born for the student life). She can make anything a party, just by being present, the meetings being no exception.

We also have two PR: Myrna and Niels. Myrna is by far the best at washing the dishes of everyone in our committee. Just cook her a meal and your dishes will be washed perfectly.

Don’t be fooled by how quite Niels is, when it comes to downing drinks and doing a tequila suicide he is your man.

Our lovely coordinator is Dominic and he is my personal saving angel. Always ready to help in any way he can and ready to have WhatsApp conversations lasting all day. And probably the most enthusiastic person concerning the Friend Cantus.

Lastly there is Mieke (me), the proud chairman of this lovely committee and the oldest of the committee with 22, not that anyone will ever let me forget this fact. I’m looking forward to make all events and the gadget a big success, with the help of all of these great people.

Lots of love,


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