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Throughout the whole year the PROMO committee will promote POLIS! Two events will be organised this school year (2019-2020): bring-your-friends-cantus and Family Day. Next to that, we will provide you with a special POLIS gadget.

Let me introduce you to the PROMO committee members of 2019/2020:

Let’s start with our first years,

First off, we have Leanne, our Chef Borrel! Leanne is a dreamy girl and if you ask her to do something, her answer is often “Wat?”. She also has some trouble finding the hidden word, but perhaps her twin-sister can help her out with that. Nonetheless she is very enthusiastic and always ready to party. I’m sure she will organise the best borrels!

Our next freshman is Isa, She practically grew up in Tilburg, as she lives in Berkel and therefore she knows her way around all the cafés! Next to that, Isa is a spontaneous girl and knows how to keep the balance between informal and formal activities. Her minutes are always on point and she is great in hiding the hidden word (from Leanne), no wonder she is our secretary!

The last freshman in this committee is Maartje, She is our PR this year. This function was made for her as she works at her parent’s company that specialises in promotional gifts. Thus, knows her way around service and getting the best deals. Who knows she might even provide us with an amazing gadget this year!

Next up is our always creative Janneke. She can come up with the most crazy and creative ideas. This and her enthusiasm makes the function of Chef BaCo a perfect fit. Did you know she also does a board year at SCT this year? Although she has a very busy life already, she knows how to get all the things done. She will even have a second function in this committee as she will also be in charge of the money this year.

Then our beloved coordinator Django! He is a member of the board and is the one that keeps us in check, except for our drinking skills though, which will be pushed to the limits as he is the only “man” in this committee. 

Lastly there is me, Sarah, an excited, motivated and already proud chairman of this committee, who is looking forward to making the events, and the gadget a great success with my fellow committee members!


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