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We would like to introduce you to the RedaCie team 2017/2018! This year the RedaCie only consists of first-years (and our lovely coordinator Fleur of course).

First of all, we have our treasurer Jimena. She is from Mexico City and her Latin moves amaze everyone at Boeka. When she cooks, the food never fails to liven up a meeting (holy guacamoley). Jimena will make sure that the financial stuff is right and we can make the Almanac as beautiful as possible.

Next we have Pien, our secretary. She is from IJsselstein and likes puns and memes and always brings a little humor in the meetings and lectures. She is the secretary because she is very good with taking notes and using bullet points and stuff (this was her elevator pitch). Pien notes everything from our meetings so that we know exactly what we discussed and what the tasks for next meeting are. 

Zofia is not only our PR person, but also our Chef Borrel, because she is the perfect person for this (and not only because she is Polish). She will take care of the social stuff of our meetings and besides this she will take care of public relations. 

Fleur, the real Brabander, is our coordinator. She considered studying journalism and that's why she is perfect for the RedaCie. She accidentally livens up meetings as well, some quotes are: "ouch, my darms hurt" and "I brushed my hair with a kam" (but we still love you Fleur). 

Of course I should introduce myself as well. I am Marloes, I am from Prinsenbeek (THE carnival town) and I am the chairman of the RedaCie. I was in the high school yearbook committee for 5 years so I will mostly be taking care of the lay out and stuff. I also have a blog so I like to write as well. 

We are extremely enthusiastic for this committee year and our work for the Almanac will definitely represent this!

xoxo gossip girls

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